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    1. ".I walked the Sandy Row for over 2yrs"

      What I wouldn't give for a fry in Ena's place!

  2. Yeah Frankie but more lame than believing , is not believing but showing every deference to the religious scripture they insist on. They might be misinformed , but we are cowards.
    I’m not having a dig at you, you are an outlier (as ever) on this, as is Anthony.

    1. Daithi,

      They might be misinformed , but we are cowards.

      Last point first. Why do you think you are a coward. I'm not. I will give you an example..All week I am reading about so called 'thugs' in the New Lodge intimidating everyone. My experience of the so called 'thugs' goes like this...I have recently moved into the New Lodge, last week I went to them and asked for a pallet so I could make a coffee table from it. They looked at me and said..”tFrankie, no problem take two.” One of them climbed on top of a pile of pallets and gave me them. They even offered to carry them to my flat. My first piece on TPQ, 'from the arsehole of Belfast to the shithole of Europe' I mentioned I knew the local taliban in the leafy suburbs, I would walk into their area and have a spliff with them. French police go in very heavy handed and tooled up...I walked the Sandy Row for over 2yrs and certain heads knew I was from Ardoyne, no one gave me any problems. You might call yourself a coward, don't paint me with that brush....Daithi, like you I am here for three score and ten and I am going down rockin

      First point about people who believe in any sort of religion..Short version, I have better things to do with my time at weekends than spend it in a Mosque, Temple or Chapel. What I know is kids in deepest darkest Africa are lucky to get a handful of peanuts to live on, kids in the middle east are hoping they don't get blasted by a cruise missel while trying to get an education and in China they maybe lucky to get two bowls of rice to eat a week, while the Inman's Rabbi's ,Priest's and Vicars eat three times a day while misinforming them that God will be their salvation...

      If anyone wants to go and pray each weekend to their God, be my guest, it's their time not mine..just don't pray for me.

  3. Frankie , I don’t think you are a coward. I would call myself a tactical coward, I just don’t see the point in kicking off when the rest of the population has so far to go to catch up on a issue, so I generally go along with the work environment orthodoxy. I would never send this meme around (or any meme) let alone identifiably critique it for not be harsh enough in real life.

    In terms of ‘rough’ areas, yes I had lived in East London for years, it’s mainly at night when drugs or really alcohol is thrown in, that there is a sense of menace, from my experience anyway, I guess lone women might feel differently to both of us though.

  4. Tactical coward!!! Perhaps that’s the definition of a coward in denial?

  5. Daithi/ Stevie,

    Daithi what is a tactical coward? Is that when you have an idea or something to say but say nothing incase you upset the snowflakes-generation Z, PC pussy thought police? If you have something in the space between your ears you want to voice it..voice it and if who ever is upset, fcuk them, it will be their problem not yours. That is a big problem with society, people being told what they can or can't say because someone may be offended....I get offended when I can't talk freely...


    Here is a 3 min video of the Sandy Row past and present, basically a montage of what the Sandy Row once looked like 50+ yrs ago and the same streets today after it was re-developed. As for Ena's, never knew it but I know a good cafe on the Row, close to the BSCR (John McMichael center) you can get a good fry for a decent price. Something I noticed about the Sandy Row is there is every kind of shop, bookies, two bars, 7/11.s, Russell's off license, Reid's shoe shop-chemists....but there is no butchers...I always found that strange.