A Morning Thought @ 420

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  1. (Love thoughts for today..especially when they get me into trouble on FB)...

    Have a thought for me today...I have just recently moved and my cooker arrived 5 days late and without a cable to connect it to the mains (arrives on Tuesday)..Anyhow I was chatting to Larry Hughes on FB and he has been bombarding me with photos of every meal he has cooked since I moved, knowing I am eating a dodgy burger or soggy chips!!!

    Yesterday he sent another picture and told him “I am starving..and chippied out”..I don't have anything in my fridge, all that's in my cupboard is a half a jar of coffee. So I went online and tried to order from Tesco and they said the earliest is tonight after 10 for a delivery! Asda said today somewhere between 2-3pm, went for Asda. Anyone thinks I am humping tins of beer and cans of beans up the New Lodge Road they have another thing coming. Since yesterday he has been basically giving me a countdown until I can at least make a toastie and eat a bowl of Weetabix.........

    In an arseabout face way Larry and myself agreed that for the past 10 days/2 weeks I have been on the 'Danny Morrison' (on the duvet....)