Let Lyra Rest In Peace

Brendan O'Neill wrote in Spiked Online of Lyra McKee, that both the Zombie IRA and a decaying political establishment are exploiting her awful death. 

There is a twisted irony to the name ‘New IRA’. This so-called dissident group is anything but new. It is an archaic outfit, a splinter of a splinter, engaged in a militarised form of nostalgia. A better title for it would be the Zombie IRA. Like the Real IRA and Continuity IRA before it, the New IRA is a deathly movement, dolling itself up in the language of the past, of long-gone conflicts, precisely because it has such an infinitesimal amount of support in the here and now. It’s a poxy, self-interested terror group that hides its smallness and its gangsterism behind the grand language of ‘republicanism’ and ‘resistance’.

So it is doubly tragic that Lyra McKee was killed – accidentally, it seems – by this group. It is tragic first and foremost because McKee was a young and talented journalist. What a waste of life when she was shot dead in Creggan in Derry last Thursday. And it is tragic that she was killed by such a backward and meaningless ‘movement’. To have been murdered by the Zombie IRA adds insult to the fatal injury of untimely, unjust death.

What has been incredibly unseemly since the murder of McKee is the way everyone, on all sides, has sought to politicise her death.

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  1. The fact is that the Soaradh leader is on record is that Brexit provides Republicans with the best opportunities for Republicans since 1916. Another fact is that Hard Brexiteers tend to be pig ignorant of Anglo-Irish history; both recent and distant. This article, lihe so many from Brendan O'Neill and his fellow ex-RCP cult members (including Claire "Child porn and ISIS beheading videos should stay on the Internet" Fox MEP), is disengenous and constructs multiple straw men. How much did the Koch brothers pay him for this screed?

  2. Ordinarily I'd be upset that a young person died but...who stands next to an enemy vehicle in a shoot out? She had "tea with the Chief Constable", hardly impartial. Also, MSM lugenpresse are pushing her hagiography. De trop.

  3. What a tripe piece of writing. I agree about the hypocracy of those jumping on the political bandwagon but he could have done a better job expressing it than knocking up a rickety old go-cart himself.

  4. Ciaran, there were plenty of people who identify as Republican standing beside her too.



    All victims of violence are equal, but some more than others. If they've been killed by republicans, you can be assured of weeks of mention in the mainstream media, documentaries made, fake 'journalist', priests with tears running down their gobs, painted RED HANDERS gatherings. However, if the victim has been murder by loyalists terrorists, RUC/PSNI, State terrorists, et al, they will be ignored by the mainstream media, crying priests, RED HANDERS, fake 'journalists' etc. Fecking hypocrites.

  6. Thanks AM, I was hesitant adding, I own repurposing Republican idioms. None are safe.