Sean Maguire with a poem from a published collection of his work.

Finally, the eyelids grow heavy,
the fear overcome by exhaustion
as we journey into darkness forever,
to await who knows what in

To dream would be ever so pleasing,
of summer youth and love,
and lie and gaze at the sky above.

To recall some moments of laughter,
to smile at our feelings of fear.
Wondering about justice,
whilst shedding one more tear.

Tumbling, falling, headlong, the earth
is yearning,
although, upright we sit, clammy,
Fervently screaming and bleeding
in search of the truth, to no avail.

➽Se├ín Maguire has been writing poetry, song lyrics, short stories and non-fiction for over thirty years and has had a considerable amount of his work published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies and online blogs. The above poem is taken from his collection For Those Left Behind.

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