Brexit Is A 'Huge Help' To Irish Republicanism

Rory Carroll interviews Brian Kenna, the chair of Saoradh for The Guardian.

Saoradh party’s chair believes exit from EU will fuel violent resistance to British rule
Brexit is a “huge help” to Irish republicanism and will fuel violent resistance to British rule in Northern Ireland, a dissident republican leader has claimed.

The UK’s departure from the European Union has refocused attention on the border and the “colonialist” partition of Ireland, boosting efforts to politicise a new generation of Irish nationalists, Brian Kenna, chairman of the political party Saoradh, told the Guardian.

“Brexit has been a small pilot light in reigniting that side of physical force to British occupation,” he said.

Kenna spoke in an interview before three improvised explosive devices were found at separate transport hubs in London on Tuesday. At least two of the packages bore Irish stamps and postmarks.

No one has claimed responsibility but, on Wednesday, Ireland’s deputy prime minister, Simon Coveney, hinted that republican extremists were suspected by expressing “anger and embarrassment” at the “warped thinking” behind the packages. 

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  1. Should these pathetic nonentities and any attempts at another "armed struggle" gain any traction then the English nationalist bigots of the European Research Group will have blood on their hands for the cold-blooded ignorance of the impact of their no-deal or "Hard" Brexit on the island of Ireland. All the more reason why I was part of the million today in London.

    1. No matter what, blame the Brits eh Barry?

      Fuck democracy, it's not like the people already had a say or anything(!)

    2. Steve

      No I am not a professional Brit blamer not least because England is not coterminous with Britain. The march of the million showcased the very best of British humour, irony (get it Jeremy Corbyn?) and toleration. What a congtrast to the monochrome bigotry of much (but by no means all) Brexiteer discourse.

      Oh the people had a say all right in the context of the £350m big lie; Arron Bank's dark momey; Russian trolling, the 75m Turks headiong our sway plus complete ignorance on what leaving the Single Market and Customs Union would mean for that now invisible line across the North East of the island of Ireland.

      Democracy did not begin and end on 23 June 2016. People do change their mkinds and mpre people come onto the electoral register every year. There are many forms of democracy; the plebiscitory model is the one most favoured by demagogues. Look to the Repeal the Eighth ref in the Republic last year and to the Indy Ref in Scotland to observe the proper conduct of referendums.

  2. Brexit. Good for anti-agreement Republicans. Got it.
    How are these devices in service of that analysis? PM May is teetering, it’s likely they are gonna have to call another election to lance the mutinous mood in the country when they finally admit Brexit as imagined ain’t happening. This is Englands proximal difficulty.
    Warnings about customs borders giving sustenance to armed Republican resistance can only be used to prop up the arguments why Brexit shouldn’t happen. Warnings from people which the name “Ireland” hasn’t passed from their lips since PSF accepted policing. You are giving the State a potential out.


  3. Steve,

    Who else can you blame? The big two in British Politics both stood on tickets in 2017 to respect the Brexit vote in 2016. I hope Barnier & Co tell the UK on the 12th to “clear your desk's and turn the lights off on your way out..”, It will force a OIOV, border poll call it what you want.

    While a lot of the media want whoever to believe the DUP are 'playing a blinder' and have both Westminster and Brussels's painted into a corner. I think they have made a complete blunder (and slap it up them for making it)..

    As the News Letter points out.....

    '2013 Arlene Foster signed off on a letter sent to directors of Ulster Bank, Danske Bank, the Bank of Ireland, First Trust, HSBC, Barclays and Santander. the letter went on to state that “DETI believes that the RHI is a real opportunity for consumers and investors to install new renewable heating systems and enjoy lower energy costs and ongoing incentive payments”.'

    That was well before Brexit. We all know a lot of Big House Unionism', farmer's who write off tax in the name of donations to the DUP and Ulster Unionist's invested thousands into RHI.. And a few weeks back the Belfast Telegraph reported cuts to RHI payments will be ruin of many businesses

    Now since May's deal was on the table the farmers (who now know they got screwed by Arlene and the DUP), CBI any one with basic maths had figured out and argued that it will be first time since partition that the 6 counties will have more green backs than Switzerland by the 12th July if the DUP agree..(majority here voted to remain, DUP aren't representing their electorate)

    Soon there could be three elections in this part of the world. There is the local council elections and possibly European elections and an outside chance of a general election..And the DUP are going to go cap in hand asking for donations and more importantly votes. It wouldn't surprise me that in the next big election in this part of the world Unionism lose marginally held seats..They will lose money in donation's, that's a given.

    Given a choice I think some Unionist farmers knowing if the UK leaves the EU on 12th April and they lose their European subsidies in a OIVO, border poll vote, some will vote with their pockets, some will swallow their pride simply to rejoin the EU gravy train.