Workers' Attempts To Disassociate From CWU Frustrated By An Post And Union

A press release from the Dublin Postal Drivers' Branch of the Independent Workers' Union hits out at collusion between An Post management and the Communication Workers' Union aimed at undermining the freedom of postal workers to join a union of their choice. 

Arising from a decision taken by the Dublin Postal Drivers' Branch to secede from the Communications Workers' Union and to join the Independent Workers' Union, individually signed letters instructing payroll to cease deduction at source payments for the former union were presented to An Post payroll.

Drivers' Branch Secretary Derek Keenan said:
We sent in our first traunch of letters over two weeks ago and our second traunch will be with the company today. However, after contacting payroll it became clear that they had not acted upon our instructions and had instead forwarded the letters directly to the CWU.
Derek Keenan added: 
The CWU is now claiming that the letters are not valid because they were not addressed to the General Secretary and An Post has stated that they will not cease the deductions until the CWU gives them the go ahead.

Keenan further stated:
What is happening here is a concerted effort on the part of An Post and the CWU to frustrate workers endeavours to organise within a Union of their choice.
Keenan concluded: 
We also have concerns that An Post had breached GDPR in respect of having forwarded our letters to the CWU. We have sought a response from Pat Knight, Chief HR Officer, but he has failed to acknowledge or respond to our concerns or assure us that our members instructions to payroll would indeed be acted upon.

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  1. Typical of the Saor Stat in this, little over a century from Larkin and Connolly, both south Ulster men, fought for the rights of workers, time to obtain the Irish Republic proclaimed in Dublin one April and put the FF, FG, ILP and SF traitors into the joy.