The Rise Of Academic Mobs

Joanna Williams writes in Spiked Online about increasing authoritarian trends within academia. 

Dr Noah Carl is the latest victim of a disturbing censorious trend.

‘Mobbing’ has become the fashionable way for academics to limit academic freedom.

The latest victim is Dr Noah Carl, a young scholar recently awarded a fellowship at the University of Cambridge. Carl is a prolific researcher: his published work spans psychology, sociology and politics.

His writing, in both academic journals and a range of other publications, explores the rise of Islamic terrorism, attitudes towards immigration, explanations for the Brexit vote, and links between intelligence and voting habits.

Now, spurred on by claims that Carl makes links between intelligence and race, and that he is, in fact, a eugenicist, close to 300 professors and senior academics from universities around the world have signed an open letter denouncing his appointment …

… These academic pile-ons, complete with grandstanding public declarations, are most often based on a disingenuous and mendacious interpretation of the target’s research. 

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