Stop Silencing Working Class Voices On The Left

In a feature from elsewhere, The Journal, the argument is made by Conor Kenny that ordinary working-class people are being silenced by left-wing commentators, because of their lack of regard for modern liberal terminology.

Far-right politics on the rise so we need to stop silencing working class voices on the left

As we leave behind 2018, a year in which Jordan Peterson sold out the Olympia Theatre, Nigel Farage was warmly received at the RDS Irexit conference, and Peter Casey polled second in the Irish Presidential election, it is clear to see that far-right political ideals are on the rise in Ireland.

Meanwhile, working-class voices on the left are being stifled within their own movement. For those paying attention, it is difficult to claim that the two matters are unrelated.

Anyone who has spent time on social media this year will have noticed that a sizeable proportion of Ireland’s young workers are becoming attracted to the reactionary stylings of right-wing populists from abroad...

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