Meghan Murphy And The Silencing Of Women

Ella Whelan writing in Spiked Online makes the case that:

The unholy alliance of trans activists and social-media censors is a threat to women’s freedom.

Twitter, despite its claims to the contrary, has never been a particularly friendly environment for freedom of speech. Over the past few years the social-media platform has expanded its ‘hate conduct policy’, banned controversial public figures from using its platform and has instituted a ‘sensitive media’ prompt, which asks tweeters to opt in to view content it deems questionable.

But a recent change in its conduct policy has arguably turned Twitter’s hostility to open debate into an all-out war on freedom of expression.

Twitter now prohibits ‘targeted misgendering or deadnaming of transgender individuals’. For anyone who doesn’t know what ‘deadnaming’ means, it entails calling an individual who has transitioned by their original name, rather than the one they have chosen. So if you refuse to call Jack ‘Jill’, you could be in violation of Twitter’s new rules.

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  1. So if you refuse to call Jack ‘Jill’, you could be in violation of Twitter’s new rules.

    Fcuk twitter. Jack is simply happy being gay.

  2. More food for thought.

  3. My Canadian subject is outspoken Vancouver feminist blogger Meghan Murphy. In October, to regain access to her Twitter account, Murphy was forced to delete tweets, such as “Women aren’t men,” and “What is the difference between a man and a transwoman?” (An estimated 80% of individuals identifying as transwomen retain male genitalia.)

    Good piece you linked Christopher and the last line says it all...This whole trans agenda is simply bollicks. If you are gay be happy.