If Tommy Robinson Is A Monster, The Left Is His Dr Frankenstein

Brendan O'Neill writing in Spiked Online makes the case that:

Time and again, the left’s failings have fuelled the Tommy Robinson phenomenon.

Almost every aspect of the Tommy Robinson phenomenon – from his positioning of himself as the teller of difficult truths to the idea that he poses a one-man threat to the social order – has been gifted to Robinson by the left.

Through demonising open discussion about radical Islam and the tensions in multicultural Britain, leftists and liberals paved the way for Robinson to pose as the lone brave voice raising awkward questions about Islamist terror or Muslim grooming gangs.

And in then raging against Robinson as if he were Oswald Mosley Version 2, a bona fide fascist who threatens to unravel social peace in the UK, these same people imbued Robinson with an awesome power and sense of global menace he could never have earned for himself.

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Brendan O’Neill is editor of spiked and host of the spiked podcast, The Brendan O’Neill Show
Brendan O'Neill is on Instagram: @burntoakboy


  1. Can the author evidence his claim that since the EU referendum, the left has "demonised " the people who voted for Brexit?

    Yes, elements of both the liberal and hard left Corbynista left have chosed to avert their gaze from the menace of Islamist extremism and the shortcomings of multiculturalism in certain British cities but Tommy Robinson, although not of the 1930s fascism, is part of a pan-European far right nationalist populism which has radicalised around hostility to immigrants and Islam (not Islamism).

  2. The 'Tommy Robinson phenomenon' would be self explanatory once one realised he is a spook creation. The fact that reputable news networks give this gimp airtime isn't due to a 'phenomenon' but rather it's due to the spooks making it happen for him. Divide and conquer......by taking control of the 'opposition' or in robinsons case, hijacking the opposition, is standard fare of the spooks/state.

  3. Wolfe

    Saying that Tommy Robinson is a creation of spooks (without any supporting evidence) is to deny that figures like him have any agency.

    Sadly this gimp is given airtime not by the so-called MSM but by digital gangsters like Facebook which where has tens of thousands of followers.

    Tommy Robinson and the groups he has set up are manifestations of the comtemporary far right's obsession with Islam and migration.

  4. 'Tommy Robinson', 'Stephen Christopher Yaxley lennon', 'Paul Harris', 'Andrew McMaster' and 'Wayne King' are some of the pseudonyms this gimp has used. I know of no other individual to be in possession of so many names and passports. He'd put Mossad to shame!

  5. From the inception of the EDL, I've suspected TR was being "run." As unpleasant as the EDL were, they were easily containable. The UK's security services have basically effectively contained, for the most part, violent extreme right-wing terrorist groups (except for loyalists, of course).

    I can believe that TR believes everything that he says, but I also suspect that he is "handled" to a degree. I would be surprised if he wasn't, to be quite frank.