From A Russian Prison: “Give People Freedom, Let Them Be Carefree”

People And Nature has published a letter from Viktor Filinkov, an imprisoned anti-fascist activist in Russia. 

Here is a message to supporters, sent to mark the new year by the imprisoned anti-fascist Viktor Filinkov, who was arrested in St Petersburg in January 2018 and tortured by officers of the federal security service (FSB). He and 10 others are in detention, awaiting trial on trumped-up “terrorism” charges denounced as fraudulent by human rights organisations, in the so-called “network case”. Please share and re-post.

Viktor Filinkov, under guard, on his way to a court appearance. Photo: Rupression
Viktor Filinkov wrote a letter to Grandad Frost [a Russian fairytale character, like Santa Claus] in Veliky Ustyug [where he lives, according to legend] and sent us a draft for review.

Hello, Grandad Frost!

I am writing to you from St Petersburg, from the same place where Lenin served time.

In the new year 2019, I would like you to give at least a little justice to all those in need.

Help the regional heads of Memorial, Yuri Dmitriev from Karelia and Oyub Titiyev from Chechnya. [Memorial is Russia’s largest human rights campaign organisation. Dmitriev was framed by local security services on child pornography charges. A court found him not guilty but his persecutors appealed. Titiyev has been in prison for a year awaiting trial, charged with possession of 200 grams of marijuana that he says was planted on him.]

Help the Ukrainian political prisoners, led by Oleg Sentsov [a film director from Crimea sentenced in 2015 on trumped-up “terrorism” charges to 20 years imprisonment.]

Help the Russian re-post “extremists” [more than 600 people facing jail sentences for re-posting “extremist” social media content].

Let the participants of the “navalnings” [meetings organised by the Russian opposition politician, Alexei Navalny, often brutally broken up by the security forces] out of the prison cells – they already have a headache from police batons.

Grandad Frost, let’s stop the tortures by the security officials all over the country! Can I join your team?

And, you know what, let’s help everyone! Give people freedom, let them be carefree like children, in the new year and all subsequent years.

V.F., 12.24.2018.

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