Disrupting Planned Disruption

Chris And Mary Fogarty with more of their thoughts on the British starvation of the Irish in the 1840s.

Thanks to Anthony McIntyre’s Pensive Quill for bringing this issue to public attention and thus helping to stop further desecration of the Holocaust mass grave in the once-grounds of the Dungannon, Co. Tyrone workhouse.

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The Dungannon Herald newspaper reports that the planned further desecration of Dungannon's workhouse burial ground has been halted. The newspaper's date is not shown but it reports a meeting scheduled for 10 Feb 2019.

The article raises the question: will any planned memorial be truthful? Will it finally bear honest witness to the official murder of the workhouse's inhabitants during the 1845 through 1850 Holocaust (and probably until the 1900-1920 repatriation to England of Ireland's landlords), or will it be yet another obscene cover-up for the perpetrators? If the latter; if the monument fails to indicate that it was genocide perpetrated by the State, it will advertise to the world that the same genocidal forces still control Dungannon and the rest of Tyrone.

The fact that Ireland's abundant and varied food production was removed by armed forces of the British government, starving much of the population to death, cannot continue to be concealed. It ought never have been concealed. No free people would permit such falsification of history; such support for genocide.

Chris and Mary Fogarty

P.S.: Tragic to relate, Ireland's Royal Dail have mounted an expensive campaign, led here in the States by its Consuls General, to try to revive the old, discredited, "Irish famine" lie and its concomitant lie of "the stupid Irish whose inadvertent suicides improved the world's gene pool."

“Holocaust" Reports in Cork Examiner in 1845-1855

Sorted chronologically, from

(The article headings are underlined here-below. The Cork Examiner referred to “Holocaust” in other contexts, also.)

04May1846: ​Landlord and Tenant Holocaust (other text not given)

07Aug1846:​ The Whigs Landlordism is this moment all rampant, and all powerful for evil, and sacrifices its victims in holocausts. Individual rights is omnipotent, social wrong universal in Galway. We are told that the celebrated Mr. Gerard is again exercising…

22Jan1847:​ The Speech. “…holocausts laid at your (unk). Shall men be dimmed to death for no crime, and then receive posthumous immortality for their patience? “ ​Deaths in Bantry. …holocausts of humanity…

25Jan1847:​ The Close of the Workhouse the holocaust, as the writer powerfully exposed it, offered at the shrine of political economy.

17Sept1847​: The Holy Cross Demonstration……sanctified, and the world and the world’s laws went on as if there were no tenant martyrology written in red – as if no peasant holocaust had ever smoked upon Tipperary altars? We have said this much because the Evening Mail and its Correspondent are loudly…

01Oct1847:​ Banquet to John Reynolds, Esq., M.P. in the Rotundo...We behold one million of our people – yes, one million of them have been offered up a holocaust to the accursed union (hear, hear) and possibly the lives of two million more may be offered in the present year that…

03Jan1848:​ Town Council – Saturday Yes, million and a half of Irish people perished, were smitten and offered up a holocaust, whose blood ascends to throne of God for redress…

19Nov1855:​ The Ministry … add to the Holocaust.

For other contemporaneous usages of Holocaust” see this book’s Glossary. - Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it "Perfect."

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