The Point Of Our Existence Is Not To Be Of Service To The Wealthy

Lark Lo slams Fortune Magazine for its attitude towards access to third level education.

Don’t let rich people dictate your narrative. I keep seeing people on the left high five this Fortune article on “not everyone needs college.”

First off WTF, it’s Fortune Magazine, that would be a red flag for me.

Annually, for the last 15 years Fortune magazine puts out, “College is a bad idea, for the non rich” article.

Everyone’s path is not the same and I do not believe that not going to college should doom you to a life of hard labor and starvation, but why would anyone take the advice of the wealthy on how to have a better life?

They aren’t saying don’t go to college and visit the world. They aren’t saying don’t go to college and do some self study on philosophy. No, they are saying, don’t go to college and get a job fixing my Mercedes, and I’ll pay you enough to not die, then your kid can not go to college and get a job fixing my kid’s Mercedes and maybe doing my kid’s plumbing too, see how much better this is accepting your fate as my slave! You don’t need to go into debt to do that. You don’t need to think or get crazy revolutionary ideas in your head. You just need to fix my car and pay your rent and shut the hell up.

When Fortune magazine is touting “don’t go to college” you really have to understand that they don’t give a damn about you. A capitalism loving magazine directing you on what you should be doing (for your finances) should be a sign of something you should not be doing, of course use your best judgement.

But just accepting a narrative of 4 year colleges is a bad idea, because capitalism pushed the idea that college should be $100,000 and we bought that, so why don’t we just buy the whole idea of no college, brought to us by the exact same people who brought us $100,000 tuitions and $1.5 trillion in student loan debt, when college used to be pretty damn affordable with a waitressing job, what could go wrong?!

How could these people lead us the wrong way?!

Are we that easy?

You know who started this everyone shouldn’t go to college mess, in the modern era? William Bennet, the Secretary of Education under Reagan. He is the one that said too many people were in college. He was a fellow at the Heritage Foundation and the Claremont Institute, he is against affirmative actions, he is for school vouchers, and he generally hates non-rich and/or non-white people getting any knowledge at all.

When someone is giving me “free” advice, I like to know how they make their money.

The number one reason they say that you shouldn’t go to college, is because you’ll end up in debt, if you’re not rich.

Why don’t we have the discussion that college should be free and accessible?
Why don’t we have the discussion that housing should be a right?
Why don’t we have the discussion that food should be a right?
Why don’t we a discussion on livable wages?
Why don’t we have a discussion about the fact that no one, regardless of if they went to college are not should have to starve and live in substandard housing especially if they work 40 hours a week?
Why don’t we have a discussion about the fact that college was not supposed to be about creating compliant workers, but thinkers who made this world a better place?

The point of our existence is not to be of service to the wealthy.

No, we instead are letting the wealthy tell us that reading is elitist and what we need to do is PAY for trade school, yeah, we’re still going to pay (after they bamboozle the public into the trade school is the way I promise you, you’ll be paying the same thing you pay now for a 4 year degree), so we can work for them, using our hands and breaking our backs, because these “don’t go to college people” they don’t like unions too much either.

Why don’t you just do a google of the the ideas of the leaders of this don’t college movement and look at what their ideas are in regards to labor, then you decide if that’s the party you want to go to.

So, if you want to not go to college, that’s fine, but at least do some research before you start high fiving and spreading ideas by the wealthy whose kids I assure you will not be working with their hands.

Stop making it so easy for these people.

Lark Lo produces and owns Black Kids in Outer Space 
Follow Lark Lo on Twitter @VELO_NYC

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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