The Malign Incompetence Of The British Ruling Class

From The New York Times a piece by Pankaj Mishra, historically contextualising Britain's bumptious Brexiteers.

Describing Britain’s calamitous exit from its Indian empire in 1947, the novelist Paul Scott wrote that in India the British “came to the end of themselves as they were” — that is, to the end of their exalted idea about themselves. 

Scott was among those shocked by how hastily and ruthlessly the British, who had ruled India for more than a century, condemned it to fragmentation and anarchy; how Louis Mountbatten, accurately described by the right-wing historian Andrew Roberts as a “mendacious, intellectually limited hustler,” came to preside, as the last British viceroy of India, over the destiny of some 400 million people.

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  1. Terry May is simply playing out the brexit charade in order to pretend(fool) the Brit public that the State is honouring democracy by honouring the result of the referendum. The State must quell any public animosity that may emanate if the State is seen to be rejecting 'the will of the people', hence the charade at present.
    Btw, it has been alleged via leaked reports, that the spooks in suits that really determine govt policies, wanted a brexit referendum but didn't want or expect the leave side to win. They merely wanted to use it as a way of shaking up the EU Chiefs(our people are getting restless with EU policy)a bit I.e the spooks wanted the EU to become a bit more aggressive with their foreign policy for eg Russia.

  2. Brexit was a right-wing English nationalist coup financed by dirty money and a group of shadowy millionaires like Robert Spencer. This article is an excellent articulation of the England-as-British Empire imaginary that the Brexshitters hanker after.