Last Dance

Sean Maguire with a poem from a published collection of his work. 

We took a chance for one last dance, 
at the hall where we first met.
 It was October 78, the year was 
getting late,
 a city bus drove us through the 
security gate. 
We held hands, whilst making last
 minute plans,
 for peace and reconciliation. 
Strolling by the Police station, a 
bomb exploded, 
we were ripped apart, at this bloody
 I did not see your face, and neither
 you mine. 
A split second was all it took, 
to end a love as fine, 
as sweet white wine. 
We are no more. 
Thrust into wilted autumn leaves,
 reduced to bits of dust; 
farewell my best friend.

➽Seán Maguire has been writing poetry, song lyrics, short stories and non-fiction for over thirty years and has had a considerable amount of his work published in magazines, newspapers, anthologies and online blogs. The above poem is taken from his collection For Those Left Behind.

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