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Donegal County Council Budget - Councillors Bending The Knee Again

Finn O Donnell of People Before Profit has spoken out of the lack of care and compassion regarding Donegal County Council's Budget. 

Only two Councillors opposed the budget while the remaining Councillors simply decided to bend the knee once again. I welcome Councillor Micheal Macgiolleasbuig and Councillor John Campbell's rejection of this budget. It is clear to me that every other representative of council has simply passed off their chance and to some, their responsibility to send a strong message to the government that they are not happy with the budget and to fight for a better budget and a better Donegal.

Sinn Fein Councillor, Adrian Glackin has made comments on social media of Councillor MacGiollaeasbuig, ''losing out on a real opportunity'' regarding negotiations for changes in the budget. Councillor Glackin made no comments regarding Councillor John Campbell.

This is just more hypocrisy by the so called democratic socialist party, Sinn Fein. Councillor Glackin was correct in saying we had a real opportunity. Sadly he and his party along with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael, passed the buck and towed the establishment line once again. With their signing in universal credit in the north, willing to be junior partner under Fine Gael or Fianna Faill, Sinn Fein have shown once again their sway into the political centre right.

We actually did have a real opportunity as Councillor Glackin put it. We had opportunity to promote Letterkenny Town by lowering the commercial rates and attract, encourage and entice new local businesses to open up in such areas like Lower Main Street and to further promote Church Lane. We had real opportunity to assist the thousands of people suffering from the housing crisis and exploitative landlords. Everybody knows of the damp and moldy conditions as well as the rogue landlords in some of the premises here in Letterkenny alone. We had real opportunity to do something about that. We had opportunity to do more for our youth, for our health care both physical and mental. Every Councillor in the County had their chance to speak out and fight for the people but they all but two have failed. I have serious concerns for the state of our County Council when only two Councillors opposed the budget.

November 23 (Friday) was the anniversary of the establishment of the Irish Citizens Army, 1913. On the same day, Marxism 2018 held its first evening in Dublin with revolutionaries, Eamonn McCann, Bernadette McAliskey and Black Panther, Aaron Dixon to a crowd of past, current and young and up coming possible future socialist revolutionaries. Having the likes of the pathetic subservience from Donegal County Councillors cannot bring any change, prosperity or opportunity to the infamous ''forgotten county''.

I believe we have the ability to begin a mass movement of people that can change this Island for the better. We have the ability today to end the two tier party system. We can create the platform and have been doing so through our representatives and political allies. This cannot be done alone. It must be guided by the working people of Ireland or else the revolution will only be in vain.

Finn O'Donnell is the People Before Profit Letterkenny Branch Organiser. He is also a founding member of the Homeless & Housing Coalition, Donegal.

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Anthony McIntyre

Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher

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