The Road To Referendum - Public Debate In Strabane

The 1916 Societies will be in Strabane this coming Thursday to participate in an IRSP organised event.

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The 1916 Societies intend to take part in a simulated Irish Unity Referendum in the Strabane-Lifford area organised by Irish Republican Socialist Party as part of their ‘Yes to Unity’ campaign. This will involve a canvass in the different areas around Lifford and Strabane during the month of November, which will be kicked off with a public meeting in Strabane library on Thursday 15th November. The main speakers at this event will be Sean Bresnahan representing the 1916 Societies, Tommy McKearney from the Peader O’Donnell Socialist Republican Forum, Ciarán Cunningham and Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP and Cllr Brain McMahon from Sinn Fein.

The 1916 Societies involvement in this project will be to promote a ‘32 County, All Ireland Referendum’ around the national question in line with our ‘One Ireland, One Vote’ campaign. The Societies key focus has always has been to create a fully democratic unitary state on this island. Our aim is to highlight and confront the democratic deficit that exists in Ireland.

None this is to undermine the good work of the IRSP in their pragmatic approach to the National Question. Most Republicans abide by similar tactics. It should be recognised that a Border Poll is a dilution of Irish citizens’ rights, though in the present conditions it could be utilised as a mechanism to bring sovereignty back into hands of the people of this island.

The central element of creating a fully democratic Ireland is the emancipation of its people. The real power lies with them. The exchange of power isn’t just from one regime to another but rather to the people of this island.

The current mechanism which triggers a Border Poll requires the say so of someone who hasn’t received a single vote on the island of Ireland and is completely uncountable to its people. In the eyes of the 1916 Societies the best solution is for a 32 County Referendum, in which the entire island votes together as one. 

petition-300x169The 1916 Societies are an Irish separatist movement founded in 2009


  1. Sean,
    A hypothetical....The island votes and it goes in favour of a United Ireland.

    Does that mean the unelected Zionist bankers in Brussels that Connolly warned about when he talked about "Even if you hoist a green flag over Dublin Castle....." fcuk off too?

    When you said this

    fully understand all these things you are uncovering you need to look at the fiat monetary system and how the Petrodollar allows them to leverage and control the world economy. He who controls the money supply controls everything and it is here, from behind, where the puppet-masters lurk and carry forward their agenda. Check out a site called 'left hook' by Dean Henderson, he has uncovered many of the connections between Big Oil, the bankers and their manipulative power play in the Persian Gulf.

    It reads like a 21st century version of what Connolly said. I don't see the difference of an unelected British SOS making choices and taking decisions that will affect my life and Barnier in Brussels..

    I believe there is enough natural resources to feed everyone, brain power to over come any crap the world throws to prevent us succeding..easily wipe out everyones debt like island.

    Does Brussels fcuk off too or only London. I will vote "Yes" for both to fcuk off.

  2. Frankie

    "Unelected Zionist bankers in Brussels". Explain.

  3. And not one dirty hun about the place!

  4. Barry,

    The short version is this, the Rothchilds, Morgan Stanleys, European Royalty, UN,CFR....They are Globalists. I am flat earther.

    If the Zionist bankers were not mostly Jewish but mostly Irish Catholic Zionist bankers. I would still despise them because of what they have done, are doing and plan to do. I couldn't care less if they give it the habdullahs with Abdul five times a day. Religion pays no part in my thought process outside of I think it is a waste of time and energy.

    On a local level Barry. Someone loses a job through no fault of their own and are forced to sign on to survive and support their family. Today they get Universal Credit that puts them first of all in debt and forced to go to food banks and second they are in real danger of losing their homes. to be sold by bankers who fund lavish life styles with other Zionists while deciding the fate of you, me and a boy named Sue in Northern California twice a year while they ratify everythnig discussed at Bilderberg Group meeetings.

    I can't buy into the history of what is wrong with this rock with the nonsense I was told in school. To me (history I was taught in school) it is exactly the same as the scripted news that people are drip fed via a 55 inch box on a wall every evening at 6pm (haven't owned a TV in years...) or reading Gerry Adams book 'Hope and History'...My hope is Ireland learns from past historical mistakes so people like Adams don't become a voice for the people. He done nothing for the people of West Belfast. But he does swan around this rock and shakes hands with Zionists..

    Barry, when leading members of Sinn Fien were having cumcumber sandwiches with British Royalty...Do you think they secretly gave it the Justin Trudeau..?

  5. Stevie,

    I don't care if Atilla had a shower or not...Unlike you, when I came back back to the island I didn't think.. Big Wheels keep on turning, to me...The song remains the same.

  6. Only seeing this now. Frankie, I did not write this statement as I am no longer the PRO and haven’t been now for nearly two years. My contribution to the debate will hopefully be published here shortly and it addresses your thoughts.

  7. Frankie

    Is it not the banking system and global financial system that is the problem; not the ethnicity and religious-cultural identity of the bankers.

    I hope that Irish people learn from past historical mistakes all right: the utter futility of "armed struggle".

  8. Barry,

    Religion pays a big part in the their collective agendas. From Moloch worship to Tony Blair and George Bush praying on Abduls prayer mat to a bearded hippy who walked on water 2,000 yrs ago, just before they sent young men and women to fight in an illegal war for oil.

    Here is a Q for you Barry... In a OIOV would you vote yes or no for both London and Brussels to kindly fcuk off and leave Ireland to the Irish...?

  9. Frankie
    What's flat earth got to do with Zionism? Few people at work have tried to convince me of flat earth, i am still none the wiser. You can see our planet's shadow on the moon, can you not? So are all celestial bodies spherical bar ours?
    If and it's an if the bankers were all of similiar political ideology would that be a problem? The utter futility of armed struggle, i take it you mean Irish armed struggle and not in general?

  10. David,

    What's flat earth got to do with Zionism?

    Basically Zionists, Globalists....Like Brussels and London want to control everythnig right down to peoples thought process. I can only speak for myself but flat earthers tend to think for themselves and look at the world very different. I can't buy into the history I was taught in school any more than I can accept books like 'Hope and History' as an honest account of what happened here between 1968-1998..

    You asked Barry this..

    If and it's an if the bankers were all of similiar political ideology would that be a problem?

    Short answer is "Yes"........

    Here is the first chapter of Waiting for the Sheriff

    It is about Tom Darcy....

    This book, which is a brave undertaking in itself, tells the story of his success in the Supreme Court, exposing what had inspired him to tackle what saw as the unjust and unfair treatment of not only himself and his family but also the tens of thousands of other Irish families caught up in a taunami of financial pressure and human misery, facing Eviction from their Family Homes, all arising from a cold-hearted and malicious attempt by Government, Courts and Banks to cover up their collusive transgressions at
    the expense of people who committed no crime when borrowing monies in thefirst instance.

    That is their (Zionist Bankers, Brussels, Londons) political ideology...

    Whats wrong with Connolly idea that he never got to test, he was tied to a chair a shot.

    Whats wrong with printing and Irish version of Lincolns green back and letting an Andrew Jackson balance the books...

    All I want is London and Brussels to leave Ireland and let us sort out the mess they made...

  11. Frankie

    Aa a self -imposed exile from NI I am perhaps not best qualified to answer that question but the evidence is that most Irish people, North and South, want to stay in the EU. There were two referendums held 20 years which answered the issue of London perfectly.


    All violence emanating from NI conflict wrong. End of.

  12. Barry,
    It's not that simple, though, is it? Violence is only futile when you lose

  13. David

    There was no need or justification for violence from ANY party in the Northern Ireland as there were ALWAYS alternatives.

  14. Barry,
    Depends on the individual or groups motive. If vengeance is the driving force, violence is the way to go.