The Road To Referendum Gets Off To Fantastic Start

The 1916 Societies recently participated in a referendum debate in Strabane.

Sean Bresnahan and Tommy McKearney
The 1916 Societies participated in ‘The Road to Referendum’ debate in Strabane library on Thursday 15th November.

It has to be said it was quite refreshing to hear such an articulate coherent debate, with each orator giving their considered analysis. This was a historic meeting in many ways, not least because some of those groups involved have not shared such a platform in four decades. There was a broad unity of consensus around what sort of future the inhabitants of this island should strive for in terms of Education, Healthcare, Housing and so on. All fundamental rights that citizens of a modern democratic state should have!

The Panel

It wasn’t lost to the meeting that we are fast approaching the centenary of the First Dáil this coming January, the vision set out then through the Democratic Program of new Ireland that put rights and welfare of citizen first and foremost. Something that anyone who believes in Democracy and Social justice should strive for.

This meeting, the first of many planned over the coming months was to kick off a campaign, to bring about a referendum on Irish unity. This will include mock referendums across the island.

petition-300x169The 1916 Societies are an Irish separatist movement founded in 2009

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