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  1. Egyptian TV : https://twitter.com/TarekFatah/status/1066118047415640064?s=20

  2. Thanks for the link DD ... classic clip.

    All the 'Quilers' would surely qualify for the locked ward or worse under such regimes.

  3. So much for nevemore eh HJ?!?
    if we had confidence our Western institutions could withstand this, it could be viewed in the frame we view whacky Japanese gameshows.Instead I’m filled with a sense of foreboding.

  4. DD,

    come on now, I think you're being a tad alarmist and pessimistic about Western Institutions ... yes, things will wobble a bit and we'll have more authoritarian responses here and there, yet I can't see a widespread capitulation or collapse of western liberalism happening. Take more wine-gums, things'll be fine.

    As regards to my 'no more, no more proclamation' it was specific to wrestling in the muck with uber-nationalists twats.

  5. Understood HJ, sadly my nevermore was about this precise topic!

    Am I right to be fatalist though? Did you hear of this case?


  6. Dáithí,

    of course its prudent to remain vigilant.
    However, based on this limited judgement, which only becomes definitive if it remains unchallenged until Jan. 25th 2019, it's more than somewhat inaccurate, and pessimistic, to predict the supremacy of Sharia law and the forecasted fall of western civilisation as we know it!

    The domestic court has made its decision based on distinctions between 'value judgement' and 'statements of fact' and the ECHR upheld their verdict.

    Its also noteworthy that this unfortunate lady fell prey, at least to some degree, to the increasingly more common practice of journalists creating the news rather than reporting it. I'm not necessarily decrying all undercover tactics by media reporters and their editors and producers, however to keep things in perspective its important to factor in the limited reach of this lady's opinions and the set-up involved; she was after-all only speaking to a handful of participants and was speaking, in all likelihood, off the cuff. The ruling, to my understanding, would not prohibit criticism of the 'Prophet' if articulated or qualified more pedantically.

    To my mind, if one delves beyond the headline, most will find its yet another 'nothing much to see here' column filler that smacks of yet more overly enthusiastic PC stuff.

  7. HJ, can you show an example where this peaceful coexistence with other faiths has lasted? Where is hasn’t progressed from special pleading to hostility then to violence as its numbers grow? If we follow its history closely, we see these things like the court case are just latest manifestation of a very old story.

    Ireland seems on a fast track to finding this out first hand through Direct Provision, watch how 3000 of those ‘new to the parish’ can turn 2.5m against the other 2.5m they imagine are racists or bigots. We will beg for the order of Islam, because I’m not a racist, I see no reason it wouldn’t happen here. Until then , wine gums were never my thing, has to be painkillers, the more the better. The stronger the better.

    Ps I don’t think I apologised over that poem thread business and going on the attack , sorry about that.

  8. PPS regarding the media and what it serves , note the German coverup detailed within the article. Then note the 5.2k shares the article got but apparently only the three comments made (as of 8:20pm), something is being throttled:


  9. Dáithí,

    if you're going to put up a link to back up your position then please familiarise yourself with both the content and the links therein. The court case was the result of a set up. Some journo secreted a recording device. Or someone else did and passed it on to a journalist. The woman charged had organised a series of three to four meetings. The attendance at meetings varied from 8 to 16 attendees. She made some off-the-cuff and poorly phrased remarks about the 'Prophet' and ended up in court thanks to the recording. But for some social justice warrior this would have been a non-story. The ECHR judgement merely reaffirms that 'value judgements' rightly cannot be misrepresented as 'statements of fact'.

    Its not clear from the article who moved the case to the ECHR but I have my suspicions that this was manipulated in some way, and a hunch that this has been further plied in a way not merited by, nor proportional to the original events.

    I feel no need to furnish a defensive examples to the flimsy and alarmist propositions you are bringing forward. There are more cyclists killed in Europe than by Muslim immigrants ... perhaps we should consider banning cycling? Or I should be called upon to make a case in defense of cycling?

  10. FFS Dáithí,

    don't be sending me links to the Daily Mail ... there was a song about 'The Man From The Daily Mail'. You can hear it here though Hammy Reid used do a more animated rendering in Joe O'Neil's way back when.

  11. HJ, my reason for posting that article was the institution of the UNHCR not withstanding the initial challenge from Islam. The reason for posting the article was the unusual metrics I noted, as odious as the mail is, did they post the bloodied corpses of vols on their front page? All print media is mendacious to varying degrees to me. I’ll not post anymore links, I’m bringing the pub bore persona online!

  12. Ps you imply because it was not Muslims that exposed it it’s separate to Islam’s designs. It will be mostly non Muslims that legislate the banning of any criticism of Islam too, it’s the key trait of progressives, to look at the barbaric, chastise themselves for feeling afraid and as penance commit advocate for it. I will shamelessly convert before it causes me severe harm, there is no hero wrestling to be free within me. I already know so much of the texts the imams will think I’m a prodigy.