A Morning Thought @ 190


  1. My thought for today is...

    Did Jews allow DEWs to be used that in part caused the fires in California?

    My prayer for today...

    Holy Mary Mother of God,
    Pray for me and Billy Todd.
    Billy Todd is a Prod,
    Holy Mary Mother of God..

  2. While trying to figure out exactly what started the fires in California,finding out more about direct energy weapons etc, I came across, Barrie Trower who was once a British Navy micro wave expert in weapons warfare who says..

    "We micro waved Catholics in Ireland to make them sick"

    Fast Forward the video watch from 2mins until 2mins 35secs..If that sounds far fetched we already know the British used C4 gas on prisoners in 1974, doing basic maths the "mirco wave tests" would be around the same time...

    According to McCann, “approximately 12 per cent to 15 per cent of the prisoners affected in the camp at that time have since contracted various forms of cancer, including leukemia and other lung diseases.”

    Ceartas maintains that there is further evidence of a cover up in relation to the use of CR gas. In the days and weeks after the fighting was quelled, prisoners had their blood tested with samples being taken by British Ministry of Defence (MoD) technicians without explaining why they were doing these tests.

    I am thinking out loud and haven't joined the dots yet. But if the British can test a new weapon on prisoners in 1974, why can't the American Military Machine test new weapons in 2018 Paradise....?

  3. (not really surprised...)

    Secret plan to use chemical weapon gun during Northern Ireland Troubles

    THE government's top secret chemical and biological warfare lab tried to develop a knock-out gas for use during the Troubles, Sunday Life can reveal.

    Trials of the secret stun spray weapon - a sort of chemical Taser - to aid arrests were carried out by boffins in the 1970s at the government's Chemical Defence Establishment (CDE) in Wiltshire.

    Previously classified government documents seen by this newspaper state the trials took place at the Porton Down centre in 1973.

    The spray was to be used to render a hostile person "partially or completely unconscious" to aid "internal security" (IS) operations.

    IS was the term used by the CDE at the time for policing and military deployments in Northern Ireland.

    The details of the tests are contained in a report declassified in May 2007 and supplied to Sunday Life by Cold War chemical and biological warfare researcher Mike Kenner.

    Titled "Feasibility study of the possible use of volatile anaesthetics as aids to arrest", it details the trials which were carried out at the secret facility in January 1973. The study was launched after a CDE research and development report the previous year spoke of the "urgent need for devices for IS operations in Northern Ireland".

    It forecast that the CDE would increase the number staff in its development section in 1972/73 to meet the demand due to certain factors, including the conflict in Northern Ireland. The report by "F. McC. Blewett" says the tests were carried out to assess the "feasibility of using a 'squirt' of volatile anaesthetic to attack a hostile person in order to arrest him by rendering him partially or completely unconscious".