Poppy Goes The Weasel

Thomas Dixie Elliot contrasts the opportunism of Sinn Fein presidential candidate Líadh ní Ríada  with the principle of Cambridge University students, and anticipates the weasel words from party hacks to justify it. 

It comes as no surprise that the Sinn Fein candidate Líadh ní Ríada has said tonight that she would wear the British Poppy.

The excuses will be interesting when they are handed down from the top and regurgitated by the membership.

What is galling about this is, that it comes on the same day as students at Cambridge University have received death threats because they rejected the Poppy as glorifying war?

Derry man James McClean explains why he took his courageous stance on the Poppy...

Thomas Dixie Elliot is a Derry artist and a former H Block Blanketman.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

6 comments to ''Poppy Goes The Weasel"

  1. usual for Dixie - short, to the point, cuts through the crap and disperses the smoke they try to blow up the Jaxy of anyone willing to believe it.

  2. I’m in the States right now, and don’t know what this is about, but from what I’ve just read this is unbelievable — even by the standards of McDonald-led New Sinn Féin.

  3. Sean - enjoy the States. I find it so easily believable. The radical veneer is faux. SF is a weathervane party. There is no inconsistency between McGuinness being a banquet man in the hall of the Queen and what the presidential no hoper is doing. It is not McDonald led SF but SF per se.

  4. I was sent a link on Brexit the other day and, on reading it, noted McDonald speak on damage being done in regard to ‘deep strategic long-term considerations’, one of these being ‘peace and stability in Northern Ireland’. Providing the quote was accurate, we now have the leader of the former Provisionals-cum-New Sinn Féin internalising, like every other constitutional party, the language of the occupier, referring to this hideous entity we have the misfortune to endure as ‘Northern Ireland’.

    Maybe I’m wrong and it’s not that important — their argument would be that the only thing that really matters is the forward direction and to where everything is aimed toward. Even here, however, they seem intent on a revised continuation of the Good Friday Agreement and not the Irish Republic. I think they are done at this point but it has yet to be fully exposed to the ordinary 5’ 8”.

    On a different matter. I’m in Nashville, Tennessee here and isn’t it just their biggest failure that people like Dixie, who gave everything for those wasters to sell it out, cannot enjoy this amazing place or make plans to come here to this beautiful country. My uncle had major issues getting to his daughter’s wedding in Australia for the same reason and basically had to lie on his admission form, risking being turned back upon entry. They couldn’t even get that much right in the negotiations — a whitewash if ever there was one.

  5. Poppy Ni Riada is not doing too well in the polls. None of them are except Michael D. I guess if you believe the type of things she claims to believe people are not going to take you seriously.

  6. Normally I have zero respect for red poppies.

    However, in Cork last December I was moved by the poppies at the war memorial. I'm not Irish so maybe I was missing some of the nuances... But it seemed to me that the poppies were to remember and respect the dead of the wars of 1914-18 and 1939-45... and crucially only those wars.

    I felt a very unusual empathy. Times were different, people joined to feed their children, or because they were conscripted. Wearing a red poppy would be fine (for me anyway) if its symbolism was restricted to the dead of these two wars. As wars go, the second one in particular was not a bad one.

    The greatest disrespect to the fallen is from the automatic equation of the two wars mentioned above with every other conflict the UK fought since then, or will do in the future. If the British Army invades Iran next week, or Norway the week after, any and all casualties will be labelled heroes, their troubles automatically equated with those of the world wars.

    This, and the use of the red poppy on Support Our Troops websites and on RAF fighter jets, underlines that the Brits have learnt nothing.


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