Late Late Drivel

Donal O'Driscoll enjoyed the Late Late show on Friday last but ...

While aspects of the Late Late Show were enjoyable on Friday night, the narrative was depressingly predictable. 

➨ The Irish in the UK are of no social class. This is nonsensical, self-serving rubbish. 

Class has been and remains by far and away the biggest divide in society. Not acknowledging class as a division in society, does not mean it doesn't exist. It means you are in denial.

We have moved on as a nation and we love the Royal family now. 

I don't even know where to start with this one. These scroungers are only where they are because their rich ancestors 'had relations with' each other a few hundred years ago. Essentially they are wealthy rednecks. If the British people are happy to continue to subsidise these in-breds, then more fool them, but we owe them nothing. They are deserving of neither our time or respect. 

 Wearing the Poppy is a sign of us maturing as a people. 

I am fascinated by World War 1, but for what it was, a disgusting waste of human life. Mainly working class lives. It is not something to be celebrated. People can wear what they want, but personally, it would take more than an overpaid nonagenarian laying a wreath on her holidays seven years ago for me to wear a blood stained poppy to raise money for the British legion. Apparently the British and US Governments can find money to bomb hospitals in the Middle East under the pretence that there are 'terrorists' there, but can't find money to give them a decent pension when invalided out of the army. This is tragic and all the more reason why needs a left wing Government, but on a personal level, it's not my problem. 

"The silly Brits have voted for Brexit and don't seem to realise what it will do to the South of Ireland." 

Oh they realise just fine. They just don't care. Frankly they are right not to care. Why should we be their business? Ryan Tubridy, instead of chairing a fair debate, acted as a cheer leader for the ridiculously glorified European Union. Essentially a rich man's club. Cue the shot of the multi millionaire big business man from Leitrim clapping like a seal. I wonder what a multi millionaire could like about the EU? Were I in the North or the UK, I would have reluctantly voted to remain but only because I didn't trust the Tories to do a good job of leaving. The simplistic hounding of the Brexit side by the Irish media is counter-productive. As if hard right blowholes like Nigel Farage and Liam Halligan represent the totality of the leave vote. Where was the left wing 'lexit' side of the debate? Oh and don't even start me on Alistair Campbell and his crocodile tears for the Irish people. As if that Blairite lickspittle could care less about the Irish people any more than he could the Iraqi civilians that his boss and him sent their mercenaries in to kill. 

Spare me from this drivel. I for one am happy to see our departed sons and daughters who have made a worthwhile contribution to sporting and cultural life on both these islands celebrated, but please let's not give oxygen to the myth of an Irish national consensus on the issues raised above. It is a false and lazy narrative and one that does no favour to either us or our near neighbours.

Donal O’Driscoll is currently a non party aligned republican socialist, from Clonakilty in West Cork.


  1. About time someone spelt it out....totally agree

  2. Hope to see more from you feature here Donal