Consistently Concealing Official Skullduggery

Christopher and Mary Fogarty are scathing of the Chicago Tribune.

The Trib’s 8/26/2018 front page article headlined; “If you’re marching, someone’s watching” features (and covers for) lone-time gov’t mole Jerome Boyle. It is difficult to prioritize the lengthy list of Boyle’s sabotages of our human rights campaigns, so we ask Chicago Tribune editors to contact us to review our files.

This Trib article is reminiscent of January 15, 1993 when, in Case US91CR911, we unavailingly begged the reporters, including the Trib’s Matt O’Connor, in the Dirksen Building Press Room, to walk the few steps down the corridor to the courtroom of US Judge George Lindberg. FBI Agents led by Agent Patrick “Ed” Buckley, had incarcerated and planned to imprison my wife, two others and me for many years.

They fabricated an evidentiary audiotape for that purpose. Incontrovertible proof had been provided to the court that that audiotape, the only evidence against us excepting FBI perjuries, was massively “doctored.” Within minutes US Prosecutor James Fleissner would do the only thing possible; plead Judge Lindberg to be allowed to abandon the entire case against all four of us. The Trib “reported” that would-be-explosive outcome by essentially repeating the charges against us.

There had also been a “witness,” a small-time criminal imported from Boston by the FBI, but when Judge Lindberg asked FBI Agent Buckley about him Buckley replied; “Your Honor; the last I heard from JT was from a Minneapolis police station after crashing a car he had stolen in Chicago.” For the months that JT lived in Chicago he had kept Agent Buckley busy obstructing justice by “springing” him from Chicago area lock-ups; mostly for DUIs, but also for breaking the noses of two women; one in a rent dispute, the other against the windshield of a car he was crashing.

Our records will also show that the same FBI Agent Buckley framed me for murdering people I had never even heard of; the Langerts, in a Chicago suburb. After the local police had agreed on one suspect, 16-year-old David Rupert (who had murdered them with FBI Agent Lewis’s 357 Magnum he had somehow stolen), Agent Buckley arrived, usurped investigatory authority, ordered the police away from the murderer and onto others including the IRA. Agent Buckley and your Jerome Boyle persuaded TV Reporter Carol Marin to falsely link the IRA to that triple murder. Soon, Buckley framed me for it so cunningly that I was doomed. Months later murderer Biro saved me by blabbing through Agent Buckley’s cover for him into Life Without Parole.

As in its current article, the Trib consistently conceals official skullduggery. It refused our many requests to inform the public of the crimes being perpetrated against us by the FBI. Weeks before the first of these FBI crimes FBI Agent Joe Doyle alerted my wife and me that some of his colleagues had been bribed and subverted by Britain’s MI5 and were consequently planning crimes against us to “silence” us. We couldn’t believe that the FBI is a criminal organization, so didn’t believe his warning. The fact of a criminal FBI bureau was shocking, but not as great a shock as the fact of a complicit news media and a cowed law enforcement and law profession.

Is the U.S. doomed? The Trib and the rest of the news media could restore our Republic. Why not at least try to do it?

Why not investigate the above? Then investigate what Agent Buckley and David Rupert were doing in Ireland until demobilized hours after the 15Aug1998 murder of 29 in Omagh which defeated the IRA. That massacre thus freed up Britain’s military for Neo-Cons' sine non qua use in their planned wars in Iraq, etc. toward their stated goal of “Full-Spectrum Dominance.”

➽Christopher and Mary Fogarty are Chicago based veteran campaigners for justice in Ireland. 

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  1. more shocking stuff from chris. well done on surviving it all. chicago tribune and irish times have a lot in common it seems.