Chemnitz:" 'Lying Press' Is A Term Of Abuse Not A Criticism Of The Media"

The ECPMF vents concern at the threat to media freedom in Germany.

At the Chemnitz demonstrations aggression against journalists has reached a new intensity. The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF) condemns most strongly every single one of the attacks. 
Journalists at the demonstrations in Chemnitz, Germany (photo: Jane Whyatt/ ECPMF)

(Leipzig) "Reporters, camera operators and photographers who are professionally reporting on demonstrations and riots are doing their jobs in a democratic state. We call for a swift and thorough investigation by the police and prosecution of all cases where journalists were hindered in their work, attacked and injured," says Lutz Kinkel, Managing Director of the ECPMF.

In recent days, numerous media workers at the Chemnitz demonstrations have been attacked verbally and physically. Journalists including ECPMF’s Jane Whyatt, who was observing on the spot, report a new quality of sheer hate against media representatives. A camera operator from the public service TV channel MDR was pushed down a flight of stairs.

The abusive term "L├╝genpresse" (lying press) has been used by right-populist demonstrators against journalists in general since 2015 and dates back to the Nazi era. „It shouldn't be understood as a criticism of the media“, adds Kinkel. "That would make a vulgar term of abuse into something more important."

➽The ECPMF unites media, press organisations and academia to counter attacks on press and media freedom both nationally and internationally.


  1. long over due. the nwo cultural marxists in the irish media belong in a gulag.

  2. In summary: “Instead of reflecting on why we are increasingly called liars, we will feign injury with term, and just continue to call people Nazi and hope they eventually accept it”

  3. Daithi,
    The media refuses to acknowledge their shortcomings/ agenda. Instead of apologising when caught out lying they go on the offensive slandering everybody who criticises them, seemingly unaware they make their target stronger

  4. David, perhaps the UK media are better covering this, I notice Channel 4 News interviewed a protester from Chemnitz. Im sure they would of chosen a figure more representative of the marchers and their concerns.I will just go an watch it now...

  5. grouch,

    go shit in your hat and pull it down hard on your head.

    The conspiracist usage of the term 'cultural Marxist' has it's genesis in Nazi Germany. They used similar terms 'Cultural Bolshevism' and 'sexual Bolshevism' to abuse political opponents, particularly Jews, and those they perceived as promoting sexual and gender permissiveness.

    Suggesting commentators be put in a gulag is a small step away from hate-speak. Fcuk off back to Saordonia ... the more discerning readers here can see your bitter notes from the underground for what they are ... the ramblings of an isolated and disgruntled crank.

  6. Lol. This isnt a Conor McGregor presser HJ. I thought you were cripplingly accommodating to all perspectives in a very beige way, whats changed?

  7. well look who it is, henry joyless, the cultural marxist in denial himself. what the hell is wrong with you that you wont admit it was jewish bolsheviks who built the gulags in soviet russia. its historical fact henry, even the bold churchill wrote about it at the time. as for sexual permissiveness - the jews run the porn industry - thats an anti-semitic statement when a goy makes it but is a brag when a jew says it. you dont know your history.

    as for suggesting people be put in a gulag - well tough shit - you take the soros shilling you pay the price. however my gulag wudnt be as cruel as the ones built by the jewish bolsheviks in russia. it would be more of a re-education and de-brainwashing centre. however, the witches who turned a story about gross medical negligence in galway into an abortion story deserve a stretch. the more discerning readers Henry see you for what you are - a gobshite with delusions of grandeur. the more discerning reader would be willing to admit that the entire global mainstream media is under threat because the common man is waking up to the gigantic deception and tyranny that it is. and guess whose worried about that - ur friends who own the media! far from being a rambling crank - i am one of the only voices on this site, which is now an echo chamber for cultural marxist anti-religious bigotry, who is highlighting the globalist hand behind current and historical events, whereas you and others use your God given internet freedom to do kevin myers impressions. people are waking up henry - ur bullshit is just the same as barry's - endless waffle in pompous prose repeating the mind rot that the msm puke on us. go read back over ur comments. now read some kevin myers. whats the difference.

    some of the msm pundits are and have been cheerleaders for the globalist wars and tyranny. some are in the pay of soros and intel agencies. a gulag is too good for the scumbags.

    let people who are new to the term 'cultural marxism' do their own research and see if it is 'conspiracist.' if you were any good you would be using ur brains and talent to piece together and explain to the general public the real story about what is going on in our country and world now, like this guy here who has done ireland some service with putting this information to the people. this is real journalism - this is truth - this is what u KNOW is true but just wont admit it.

  8. found the churchill stuff - see its winnie and me who are on the same side henry, not me and the nazis. also, how fast of you to come out with the nazi stuff, and anti-semitism - what triggered that comrade?

    also heres some stuff about control of porn industry for you. and its written by a jew in the jewish quaterly review, so if uve a problem, contact them, not me. slan.

  9. and, if you're so put out by gulags, what on earth where you doing campaigning for the construction of baby abattoirs up and down the country only a few months ago.

    here is ur leader -,scalefit_720_noupscale

    here is ours -

  10. a below par response from you there Henry, incorporating the Regime's usual tactics of insinuating mental illness, or if not that - nazism, and if not that - fascism. hardly the tactics of a man confident in his argument. pound-shop propaganda. definitely room for improvement.

  11. Grouch , I am in agreement with the general sentiment you express, perhaps not the detail as gulags eventually hold more than just journalists. The Irish media would not be tragic, innocent victims in the lineage of Veronica Guerin if this trajectory is maintained either.

    If for example, it was just the omission of state crimes against us, or the worst possible pictures they chose of Colin Duffy or Damien McLaughlin to accompany their hit pieces, they could perhaps employ that defence. But their promotion of internecine feuds between Republicans and state directed drug gangs had had fatal consequences. The bloodied corpses of the victims of these consequences were paraded on their front pages, a political choice as much as an editorial one.

    So when considering the deliberate damage they have done and continue to do, then no, the Irish media should not be considered a neutral observer within the power dynamic, they, along with most of the comparable Western media, have been until recently, the truth cartel leveraging the dominant power dynamic.

    The potential/probable defence that ‘all journalists are not the same’ cannot work to successfully exonerate them when:

    1) The basic assumption of goodwill despite differences between both parties is not there, since any/all dissent is pathologised as a matter of routine

    2) To do so demonstrates their hypocrisy for benefiting from the lack of nuance in their own targeting/reporting (in this articles case implicitly smearing the Chemnitz marchers as Nazis).

    Ps Attempting to use conspiracy theorist as a smear has less effect when most media in America is consumed with peddling the notion of Russian conspiracies in regard to their 2016 election.

  12. Daithi,
    Your last point is bang on. I have a few friends that scoff at conspiracy theories but have no problem believing the US president is a Russian asset, the biggest conspiracy theory i've ever heard. When asked what he's done that benefits Russia all i get in response is he didn't invade Syria, Obama didn't invade. It seems the only way some will believe he's not an asset is all out war.

  13. very well said daithi - please check out gemma o doherty on TED talk - shes a mighty woman and the creeps in the irish media are beginning to realise the party is over for them.

  14. Hey grouch,

    "mental illness, or if not that - nazism, and if not that - fascismin"

    this is not a matter if not A then its B, or if not A or B then its C ... with you chum its most likely A+B+C.

    Whatever the formula, its seems to me, you're just another Kavanaughistic & misogynistic cunt ... no wonder you fantasise about your mythological 'Saordonia'. Based on your commentary on here to date I imagine you as a self-obsessed paranoid obsessive, incapable of holding down a long-term and trusting relationship, nor capable of living in community or content with your own company.

    Trump's America, where you can campaign for a reversal of Roe V Wade, seems a better fit for you than Ireland or your mythological creation of 'Saordoia'.

  15. Henry, ur not ur old self - somethings up, very poor responses and bitter personal attacks. As for Kavanaugh - u hit the nail on the head - we have a lot in common. personally i think there is very little hope for you if you think kavanaugh is the culprit after what uve seen on ur tv this week. its quite obvious - even to ur average democrat with a consicence - what went on. but hey - keep the insults coming Henry because it just proves that you have absolutely no arguments.

    As for Saordonia, i will have you know that some of my marxist-lennonist comrades here are convinced that you are an under cover Saordonian posing as a libtard to try and make me look good. in fact some of them think you are me arguing with myself. which is interesting.
    and now you think I'd be better off in Trumps America!! The sad thing is you and ur ilk have turned this country into Americas Gay Satellite Disco. WELL DONE!

    and finally Henry, from the bottom of my Saordonian heart, all joking aside, I hope you never have to endure false sexual accusations. They can ruin ur life Henry. slan.

  16. here is the real America Henry, and this Chief is also on another youtube clip paying his respects to Brendan Hughes. you should listen to real American voices on youtube and not ur British Brainwashing Corporation and Regime Television Enterprise gobbledeegook which is lying to you all the time and entrapping you in its macabre circus. break out of ur conditioning - they are shattering ur consciousness. the saordonians are rising, but sadly the atomized irish are staggering like drunks waiting for the next crumb for the masters table. victory to the Marxist-Lennonist Unpopular Front.