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From People And Nature a brief report from Gabriel Levy on a protest in solidarity with political prisoners in Ukraine which took place in London last week. 

Ukrainians and Londoners demonstrated at the UK parliament yesterday, calling for the release of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia. On the hottest day of the year, they chanted “free political prisoners”, “free the hostages of the Kremlin” and “stop the war in Ukraine” to passers-by.

They highlighted the case of film director Oleg Sentov, who was yesterday on the 71st day of a hunger strike, and is seriously ill. Sentsov is demanding the release of the 70 Ukrainian prisoners.

The demonstration in Parliament Square, London, yesterday

The prisoners include opponents of Russian military action in eastern Ukraine, some Crimean Tatar community activists. Many of them, including Sentsov himself, have been framed up on fictitious “terrorism” charges that have been condemned internationally as bogus.

For information on the prisoners’ cases, see these links.

“Sentsov considers his solo release would be a ‘total failure’”: article, with links to pages on other Ukrainian prisoners (from Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

Report of a visit to Oleg Sentsov (from the Russian Reader)

An interview with Oleg Sentsov’s cousin, Natalya Kaplan, who visited him earlier this month (from the Russian Reader)

An outline of the case of Pavlo Hryb, the Ukrainian school student framed up by the Russian authorities (from Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

Report of the campaign of repression against Crimean Tatars (from Kharkiv Human Rights Protection Group)

What Sentsov could die for, by Maria Kuvshinova (from the Russian Reader)

■ Stories by Oleg Sentsov, on the PEN International web site: “Testament”, “Autobiography” and “Dog”.

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  1. Would these 'political prisoners' be somehow aligned to the fascist neo Nazis regime in the Ukraine? The same 'freedom loving' regime that has targeted all things Russian, including the language. Ah yes I can just imagine liberal intelligentsia getting behind this one too. Jesus wept.

  2. These would be prisoners who object to the illegal Russian annexation of Crimea and bloody incursions into Eastern Europe and who would have been opposed to the kleptocracy of the Yushenko regime which was such a valuable client of Donald Trump.