A Morning Thought (98)


  1. I suppose you could supplant islamism with Israelism but then that would be antisemitism!

  2. Taliban have nothing compared to the censoring of people from FB, Youtube, Buzz Feed....

    What Ever Happened To Free Speech?


    Some recent examples of this include a viral video merely questioning the integrity of the mainstream news reports of the Florida School Shooting that made it to the top of YouTube’s Trending, within a matter of 3 hours of being uploaded. It was then taken down, and YouTube issued a formal apology for having allowed that to happen


    Personally, I can’t count the number of times I have seen my friends, fellow truth tellers and activists go to Facebook jail for posting something that does not meet the standards for Facebook criteria. Yes, this is again often information that is questioning the mainstreams perspective on large events that are taking place around the world.


    Collective Evolution had their Reddit account permanently deleted after using our network to up vote a comment to get it featured an AMA (Ask Me Anything) in order to ask a question to NASA about disclosing some information regarding alien life