A Morning Thought (61)


    for new healthcare facility
    to destroy children deemed
    unfit for life - handicapped,
    Downes syndrome, ffa - but we dont
    discriminate against the abled,
    perfectly healthy babies are killed
    too. some babies survive first attempt
    so non-squeamish candidates preferred.
    apply to Ireland, the first country
    in the world to vote to do this.
    onsite training is provided by
    the abortion and spare parts industries.

  2. Grouch

    You lost the argument comprehensively in the referendum. Get over it.

  3. No my friend, we lost the referendum - not the argument. You didn't produce one decent argument during the debate - just savita lies and your indecipherable legalese gobbledeegook - the articles and comments are there on record for all to see. As were your triumphalist antics in Dublin Castle after the count. The shame - the absolute fucking shame watching you fuckwits sing and dance and drink champagne IN FRONT OF THE WORLDS MEDIA. the irish have no class - thats the message you put out to the world that day. the first country in the world to VOTE to do this to its unborn and then throw a party in the home of british genocide in ireland. well done you guys - you cudnt fucking make it up. and another thing - you wouldn't last one day working in an 'abortion clinic' - not the one these girls worked in anyway - you'd have a complete nervous breakdown


    this is what you saddos were celebrating in Dublin Castle and this is why the Irish are regarded as a sick little race of scrubbers now. well done.

  4. and while im at it i saw the high priest of cultural marxism in ireland, fintan the tool, after the referendum telling the no side on RTE (Repeal The Eighth) that the culture war was over. then a few days later he comes out with its time to get rid of amrhan na bhfiann!!!!! well if the irish vote the way they did they mite as well get rid of it and get bono and geldof to write something that suits the modern irish better. these girls cud sing it -


    and they mite as well give mi5/ruc the top pig post and they mite as well keep inviting the royals because we are A COLONY ONCE AGAIN!!! well done.

  5. Grouch

    By voting to repeal the Eighth Amendment, the Republic of Ireland has thrown off the final shackles of the hypocrisy and repressiveness of ultramontane Catholicism; the real colonisers of Irish (women's) bodies and minds. It is now a truly modern liberal democracy a beacon to a Europe that is being darkened by the cultural fascism of Orban, Calvini and the Polish Law and Justice Party and the long shadow of Brexit and Trump.

    Two thirds of the Irish electorate and all but one of Dail constituencies voted Repeal agreed with the arguments that I and many others advanced. They cannot be all wrong. Abortion is not being forced on anyone who does not want it. Irish women now have full autonomy over their bodies just as gay people now have full citizenship rights. The removal of the Eighth Amendment was an expression of genuine civic republicanism; a revolution with not a single shot fired, bomb exploded or window broken.

    Tiochadh ar mna!

  6. i actually vomitted there..

    'a revolution with not a single shot fired, bomb exploded or window broken.'

    tell that to the dead children heading to the anonymous crematoria. yes slaughtering innocent babies is such a peaceful revolution isnt it. as for the supposed cultural fascism of orban - well he's not the first patriot to be labelled with the fascist tag. europe is falling apart under the weight of its own gigantic corruption and most countries are organising some kind of resistance to its ever increasing tyranny, except for the gobshites on her most westerly isle who still have their legs spread like a whore for any corporate multinational to ride it, but unlike most whores, doesnt even charge it for the ride but actually gives it money and then asks to be shafted again - and then spreads its legs even wider when it has to bail out the parasitic whore merchants. and you think we're some kind of beacon - ur on drugs doctor gilheany. then this septic little statlet tries to virtue signal to the rest of the world at how liberal and progressive it is by VOTING to kill its unborn while most civilized people actually look on in horror at the carpet munchers celebrating slaughter in dublin castle. 'a beacon to europe' my arse gilheany - a pathetic laughing stock more like.

    as for the arguments you claim you and others advanced - could you direct me to them please.

    oh yeah - i forgot - savita. and bodily autonomy and care & compassion and my favourite - trusting women. yes - well done.

    euthanasia is coming by the way and sooner than you think and using the same 'arguments' as the pro-abortionists used - my body my choice etc. well done again you guys/gals.