British Royals Not Welcome In Dublin - British Occupation Neither Normal Nor Acceptable

A statement by the President of Republican Sinn Féin Des Dalton opposing any royal visits to Ireland.

The upcoming visit by two members of the British Royal family to Dublin on July 10 and 11 is yet another example of the ongoing normalisation of British rule in Ireland. Coming as it does only a matter of weeks after a similar visit, it shows that the issue of the British imposed-border and British Occupation of the Six Counties remains high on the political agenda.

With the chaotic Brexit negotiations ongoing between the British government and the EU, it is obvious that the British Establishment is intent on normalising their occupation of the Six Counties to ease pressure around the question of the British-imposed border in Ireland. The slavish willingness of the 26-County Administration to facilitate this is shameful. At a time when there is an international focus on the issue of partition and an opportunity to further the argument for a New Ireland, the Leinster House political class instead seek to reinforce the status quo. Their actions are those of a vassal state.

There can never be normal relations between Britain and Ireland while part of the Irish nation remains under British occupation. Republican Sinn Féin will be protesting at this visit and are calling on all those who believe in Ireland's right to national sovereignty and independence to join us. We must send out a message that the British occupation of part of Ireland is neither normal nor acceptable.


  1. I,ve said it before Des but l do believe we are on the reverse side of "the long war" ie, we are witnessing the slow return to the commonwealth, probably to be proposed by the junior partners in a blueshirt led coalition quisling $inn £anny in the interests of building a better relationship with our unionist neighbours in the north they may say , the exact wording will of course be written as usual by someone in Downing st ...

  2. The long bore, as it were Marty.