A Morning Thought (59)


  1. A timely reminder of the dangerous environment Trump (and only that Nazi bastard) has created for journalists.

  2. How did Trump make this dangerous environment Daithi? Blair, Cameron, Sarkozy, Merkel, Bush jnr, Obama, Marcon and our very own Leo...Fair enough.

    You can't blame Trump because some mad man went into an office and murdered several journalist's and a sales rep.

    He can be blamed for lots but not for the actions of a mad man.

  3. Frankie , you are obvs a legit Nazi apologist yeah. And my reasoning is because muh Trump !

    Ps do you ever read comments after you post ? Might be helpful.

  4. DaithiD,

    I am simply a Belfast Rockabilly who forms his own opinions and I am doing my best to unlearn all the crap I had thrown at me since my school days.I don't get the joke. Who controls the narrative? Is it John Podesta of the Washington Post?

    Daithi enlighten me. What is this Fcuk the Donald all about?

  5. Frankie , can’t you remember what it was like to live in 2015, before Trump? All the races of the nations linking arms singing hosanna ? To my mind that is what Fuck Trump is about. Mourning that brief period of happiness we all shared. That’s the beauty of it too, it can mean anything and everything. To some it means a birthing a civil war.

  6. Daithi,

    If what you said is another in-house form of irony that again has gone over my head, can you do me a wee favour and explain it better. I am prepared to do the politically correct thing and try to tune into my LGBT side and chalk it up to blonde moment, that's if only you are serious about your last post.

    I am on record Daithi, saying if the allegation's about Tump and Epstein are true, then both should be (Epstein should be there already) put in a cell and fed bread and water for 30yrs through a hatch. If alive after 30ys, shoot them at dawn.

    In fairness Daithi, I do remember " All the races of the nations linking arms" but I don't think they were singing hosanna. I still remember the deafening silence of the almost total media black out on MSN about illegal immigrants raping and sexually abusing young men and women across Europe.

    What's The Donald doing across the pond? Basically the same. But in fairness to Trump, he said he'd do something along the lines of stopping illegal immigrants flood into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico. That's in part what got him elected. And he get's a few Jpegs, Gifs saying "Fcuk you Donald". And on this part of the world, kids get separated from their parents on an over crowded boat and end up washed up on a beach miles from no where. And all the kid got was 15mins on Sky News, headlines on a Red Top about how sad the story was. Today, we chalk the kids death up to yesterday's wine and use it as stat on a chart about a crisis he didn't have a thing to do with......

    I remember pre Trump well Daithi. Again, can you explain the Fcuk the Donald Jpegs. Why wont any of the cartoonist's make political Jpegs that say " Fcuk you John Podesta"

  7. What’s the Donald doing across the pond ? Uniting people as far a field as Belfast with those celebrities in gated Hollywood compounds against a Wall in Mexico to divide us. People laugh when I say this for some reason.

    And yes , as I pointed out the last time we spoke about this, my comments are written with a firmly raised eyebrow and a tongue in my cheek. Parodying the anti Trump hysteria reads easier to me than long lectures and rebuttals, there is already too much of it. I agreed with your Podesta / Spirit Cooking sentiments last time too, but don’t make me break character every time!

    Now that I’ve established that, I hope I have found an ally in opposing cis-heteronormative privilege? (We have our own language!)