A Morning Thought (53)

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  1. So four nuns died and went to heaven and God met them at the pearly gates and told them this was their last chance to confess everything otherwise they will not enter.

    The first nun says "God, I once seen a mans penis" God replied, "Its ok my child just wash your eyes out with the holy water in the font and enter the garden."

    The second nuns says "God I once touched a mans penis." God said "Its ok my child just wash your hands in the holy water and you too can enter paradise."

    At that the forth nun pushed the third nun out of the way and says "God can I just rinse my mouth out before she sticks her arse in there..?"


    Two nuns where walking down the street when a flasher jumped out in front of them shaking his cock. The first nun had a heart attack, the second nun had a little stroke.