Why Mothers Are Voting Yes

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  1. wow, in the very first second i spotted a mistake that shows up exactly what ive been saying over the last few months. i actually cant believe this escaped the makers of this advert. its the first sentence that appears in script - and no im not objecting to the Orwellian term 'abortion care' even though that term is frightening. here is the opening sentence -

    "More than half of those who access abortion care are already mothers."

    This says it all about the warped abortion propagandists. You see, any woman who has had an abortion, will ALWAYS BE A MOTHER - be it her first pregnancy or when she already has children. A young woman who has an abortion in her first pregnancy WILL ALWAYS BE A MOTHER, but her child is dead. She is already a mother and is a mother ALWAYS.

    i am not looking forward to watching the rest of this Abortion Industry Propaganda Advert but i will and will continue my post after.

    "It breaks my heart to think I might not be able to provide for them" says the first woman. well thats a good reason for an abortion now isnt it. the Regime in Dublin love to hear that type of guff, God forbid she'd say anything like - " the criminal cabal in Leinster House have made it impossible for me and my husband to afford a home, to rear a family on one wage, to provide for the children of the Irish Nation", no, just kill the mouth u cant feed instead missus - and call it a "considered decision". well thats very considerate of you.

    then we ave an aul Dubliner saying shes voting to repeal because, if she 'had a dughter in that predicament, i would like her to get the best of care, here in ireland.' so being pregnant is a predicament now is it? and abortion is 'care'. thats right, i forgot.

    then we have the 'fatal foetal abnormality' which i was waiting for. plenty of babies targetted for destruction because of supposed 'fatal foetal abnormalities' are alive and kicking today and the mother of one on Clare Byrne live the other night probably made the contribution of the program. 'fatal foetal abnormality' is a disgusting term and straight out of the Abortion Industry Phrasebook. this lady is also a shinner i think as she came out with the 'trust women' mantra. this ad is ticking all the boxes alright. then she says 'we need to suppoprt them when they say they need support'. so abortion is 'support' now as well as 'care'. lovely.

    then we have the lady who should be in a pro-life ad.

    then we have a woman worrying that she wont get the 'care' here in ireland if something goes wrong in her second pregnancy. 'care' again. lovely.

    oh sweet Jesus, here comes the catholics!!! the next lady tells us shes a good catholic, a lovely neighbour, compassionate and she just wants women to be safe.

    well theres your ad folks. utter shite from beginning to end but the music was nice and the black and white tone was lovely.