Triumphalist SAS Flags Erected At Loughgall

A press release from Mairead & Roisin Kelly 0n behalf of The Loughgall Truth & Justice Campaign.

Two flags bearing the emblem of the SAS have been erected at Loughgall at the site of the killings of nine men in 1987 by the SAS. This has become a yearly occurrence.

The families of the men are calling for the immediate removal of these flags as they are offensive, disrespectful and a mark of triumphalism. Someone needs to be held accountable for this action and charged with hate crime.

This is a sustained campaign against the families of the nine men killed at Loughgall. No one should glorify or mock the deaths of anyone regardless of who that person was or what that person was doing at the time of their death. This causes stress and unnecessary grief to families who are already grieving the death of their loved ones.


  1. A lasting reminder that contrary to the propaganda, Britain does enact capital punishment, it just allows less intrusion into the murder process than even those countries that have show trials.

  2. Daithi,

    That's a fair point but nobody there was going to sell flowers or raffle tickets.

  3. Steve, but some were merely trying to return home after repairing a vehicle.

  4. Daithi,

    The brothers who were shot were painters I thought?

  5. Steve, we know the name of whose lorry they were repairing, we know the garage they were coming from too, I think in some early books they were erroneously called painters though.

  6. And I do not mean to detract from the central point that the SAS /State forces had many opportunities to intervene before the operation to minimise risk to life,that they chose not to was strategic, and this narrative is increasingly supported with the periodic additions of new information of the day since then.

    I have said for a long time on here, that the Norths arrangements seems weird to non aligned Brits under 35 ,that have experienced European migration and co-mingling for their entire adult life. I noticed that Unionists were upset when mainland citizens couldn’t even approximate a drawing of its border, so distant was this to them and their daily lives. Their automatic support cannot be counted on, and the reality of events like Loughgall sicken them.

  7. Totally agree Daithi, I read Secret Ed Moloney and it seems clear that East Tyrone PIRA were set up due to the threat they posed to the Adams Group. Arresting them was never an option.

    I haven't noticed Unionists upset that Mainlanders couldn't draw the border, I'd be surprised if they could draw the border with Scotland or Wales accurately either!

    But it's a moot point, as the Unionists political parties play the long game and have embedded themselves at the high table in Westminster.

  8. Steve ,I know you read the Moloney book so I checked the Loughgall section to see, I don’t think he mentions Anthony Hughes, but I too have written on here a while back about them being painters, I just can’t remember where I read it.

    In terms of arresting the A Team, I understand why they were seen as a threat to the British and their proxies (Orange and Green), and that from their perspectives, simple arrest would have been sub optimal. But murdering people it claimed as its citizens is shocking, and a further example of how little we are (or would then be) protected from the avarice of the State. They assume the right to bomb Middle East countries for this very methodology. For a plucky little cloudy Isle that has so much soft power to exert in the world beyond what it’s size would imply, it’s a bloody grubby affair.

  9. But in the case of Loughall it was war? I get what you are saying but what state can afford to sit back and allow armed actions against it's apparatus internally?