Savita's Parents Urge Yes Vote


  1. his daughter died because of medical negligence and nothing to do with the 8th amendment. a termination was available if sepsis had been spotted - but it wasnt despite savita having four of the signs of sepsis, the consultants missed 13 opportunities at noticing it. INCREDIBLE. that was the real story killy holland and the irish times cultural marxist abortion propaganda squad tried to disguise as a woman dying because she was denied an abortion. in the same year that savita died four terminations were carried out in the Rotunda Hospital where sepsis occurred in pregnancy. has any one heard killy holland or una doolally report this. - NO. only independent guerrilla posters like myself will provide this information to the people.
    finally, india has a maternal mortality rate 33 times higher than here in ireland. thats not a typo by the way - its thirty-three times higher. Ireland is one of the safest places in the world to have a baby, but the cultural marxist propagandists made a show out of us in front of the world when savita died by completely distorting the facts of what happened to that poor woman and her child. what a disgraceful bunch of pseudo-journalists.

  2. From today's Sunday Times:

    Support for a “yes” vote in the abortion referendum has risen five points to 52%, with a surge in cities and larger towns, according to the latest Behaviour & Attitudes poll for The Sunday Times.
    The “no” vote has fallen five points to 24%, with 5% (+2) saying they will not vote on Friday and 19% (-2) still undecided. Removing the undecided voters, the “yes” side has a 68-32 lead, which suggests that the eighth amendment will be repealed.

    I would not read too much into this. The Red C Poll guy was on RTE today saying that given previous polls if the undecided vote goes the way it usually does - to maintain the status quo - then the Yes Camp could be pipped at the post.

  3. AM,

    I wouldn't want to be presumptuous until the votes are counted but I've been looking at some of the polls and unless something disastrous befalls the 'yes' side it all looks like a done deal.
    I think I mentioned to 'grouch' a few days ago that the 'No' side would have to get 2/3 of the undecideds to secure a victory. It now looks as if they'd have to get all the undeclareds and 4/5 or maybe all the undecided.

    Fingers still crossed though!

  4. what does savita's dad have to say about this -

  5. Henry Joy,

    you are right. We will not know until the votes are counted but like yourself I am of a view that the Repeal Camp will succeed.

    Savita's parents got endorsement today from the chair of the inquiry into her death. He said the Eighth Amendment played a major role in her fate.

  6. the man u are referring to Anthony is Dr. Sabaratnam Arulkumaran. he is actually going against the findings of the inquiry into her death which he chaired. no surprise he chose this week to do that!!!! i mean its been five years since the report!!! maybe the timing is a coincidence!!!!

    here is the report in full -

    if no-one feels like reading it here is a summary of the relevant bits -

    On Thursday 13th June 2013, the HSE published the report of the investigation into the death of Ms. Savita Halappanavar.

    Overall the investigation team found three key causal factors.

    Inadequate assessment and monitoring of Ms. Halappanavar that would have enabled the clinical team in UHG to recognise and respond to the signs that her condition was deteriorating. Ms. Halappanavar’s deteriorating condition was due to infection associated with a failure to devise and follow a plan of care for her that was satisfactorily cognisant of the facts that:
    the most likely cause of her inevitable miscarriage was infection and
    the risk of infection and sepsis increased with time following admission and especially following the spontaneous rupture of her membranes.
    Failure to offer all management options to Ms. Halappanavar who was experiencing inevitable miscarriage of an early second trimester pregnancy where the risk to her was increasing with time from the time that her membranes had ruptured.
    UHG’s non-adherence to clinical guidelines relating to the prompt and effective management of sepsis, severe sepsis and septic shock from when it was first diagnosed.
    The report also made recommendations based on -

    The implementation of early warning scoring systems;
    The education of all staff in the recognition, monitoring and management of sepsis and septic shock; and
    The introduction of a new multi-disciplinary team-based training programme in the management of obstetric emergencies, including sepsis.

    another colossal porkie this man likes to spread is that abortion rates come down when abortion is legalised. as a former president of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (note Royal) he actually knows first hand about the spiralling increase in abortion since 1967 - a shocking one in five now. my question is - why does the media let these guys away with it?????? this is just awful really, but its only to be expected in the days leading up to the referendum.

  7. part two

    here is summary of HIQA investigation

    In all they identified 13 different points at which interventions could have made a difference to saving Savita’s life.

    In summary, of the care provided there was a:

    general lack of provision of basic, fundamental care, for example, not following up on blood tests as identified in the case of Savita Halappanavar
    failure to recognise that Savita Halappanavar was at risk of clinical deterioration
    failure to act or escalate concerns to an appropriately qualified clinician when Savita Halappanavar was showing the signs of clinical deterioration.

    and here is summary of coroners inquest

    On 19 April 2013, after seven days of evidence from 36 witnesses, Dr. Ciarán McLoughlin returned a verdict of medical misadventure in the case of Savita Halappanavar. He highlighted deficiencies in her care which included;

    Blood tests indicating possible infection were not collected
    Savita’s pulse rate was elevated at 114 but the on-call doctor was not aware of this
    Savita’s vital signs were not checked for more than nine hours, in breach of hospital guidelines
    Although Savita’s pulse rises to 160, with a fever and a foul smelling discharge, the discharge was not relayed to Savita’s consultant
    Compounding these system failures was the presence of E.coli ESBL bacteria.

    The Coroner made 9 National Recommendations in his report including:

    following up of blood samples,
    following protocols for the management of sepsis,
    proper and effective communication between staff,
    protocols for antibiotic use in sepsis,
    early communication with patients to ensure their treatment plan is understood and
    the use of warning scores to be used in all State hospitals.

  8. AM,

    another hurdle cleared tonight on Primetime ... no major slip up from Simon Harris and finished strongly with impressive closing comments.


  10. Retweeted Jim Corr (@Jimcorrsays):

    As many were duped into believing the Lisbon Treaty would bring jobs and recovery, many are being duped into believing this referendum is about healthcare and choice, when it's really about bringing the lucrative abortion industry into Ireland. #LoveBothVoteNo #savethe8th #8th

    So he clearly doesn't want jobs in Ireland then?!

  11. Henry Joy,

    Simon Harris was superb in his presentation. Peadar Toibin, not nearly as efficient.

    Regina Doherty was well out in front in that exchange with Steen. I am not sure if Steen was unsettled by the atmospherics following Cora Sherlock not featuring for whatever reason in the earlier debate.

    While I did not think Toibin was strong in his delivery I admired the fact that he stood up, didn't hide behind a screen and made his case despite his party not being a welcome committee for dissenting views.

  12. Christopher,

    thanks for the link to the VB article. I'd be pretty close to his position and view this issue essentially and exclusively as one of personal autonomy, with all the other equivocations being late seconds, and likewise to Browne, even misogynistic rationalisations!


    Yes, Regina Doherty delivered a polished performace. Between herself and Pat Kenny Ms Steen was held in check and Ronan Mullins whilst singing to the faithful made little if any positive impact, I hazard, on the few who are as yet to decide.

    Also I can understand you having some admiration for Tobin: particularly for making his case despite his party not being a welcome committee for dissenting views (and at the same time acknowledging that that observation of course comes from one who hides behind a screen).

    Piss taking aside, I'm going to bed hopeful, hopeful for repeal of the 8th and repeal with a realistic probability of a minimum 10% margin for 'Yes' and an optimistic possibility a 20% trouncing.

    Here's hoping for a decisive victory for women and a freer, more autonomous and liberal society all round.