Palestinians Murdered By Israel - Boycott Israel And Israeli Goods

Republican Sinn Féin/Sinn Féin Poblachtach speaks out about Israeli violence against Palestinian civilians in Jerusalem.

The opening of the US embassy in Jerusalem was always going to be contentious as the city’s status is still under debate and claimed by both Palestine and Israel. The fact that even the UN has said the status of this city should remain undecided until a final settlement of all other issues did not deter US President Donald Trump from fulfilling his campaign promise of moving the US embassy there.

The language used yesterday by Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only enflamed an already volatile situation and could only lead in one direction. Palestinians were outraged and protested in many towns and cities. In Gaza where for weeks people have been protesting for the right to return, tyres were lit and stones were thrown at Israeli outposts. This particular protest was met with sniper fire of live ammunition, tear-gas and sound bombs from the Israeli army.

The shootings by the Israeli army left over fifty people dead, many of them children, and thousands injured. TV footage showed bystanders and onlookers being shot. There can be no justification for the deliberate shooting of unarmed civilians in any circumstances. Already within the UN there have been calls for an independent inquiry into these shootings. And once again, like many other calls for inquiries into Israeli atrocities, the US blocked this call. It is clear that there is no justice to be found for the maimed and murdered citizens of Palestine.

Sinn Féin Poblachtach condemn the excessive force used by Israel in these most recent weeks of attacks on the Palestinian people, we call for an independent inquiry into these shootings and for any such inquiry to investigate the purported use of banned ammunition as it seems clear that “explosive bullets” have been used. The deliberate shooting in the legs by Israeli soldiers who, it is alleged, use these banned bullets have led to many people having limbs amputated.

It is clear that Israel is increasingly establishing a mono-cultural, mono-theological state, to this end they are evicting more and more Palestinians from their land and houses and continuing with the expansion of settlements.

We support the calls for a general boycott of Israeli goods as this simple measure has, and will continue, to hurt Israeli finances. National states, academic institutions and businesses need to ostracize the politicians of Israel, particularly the ever-increasing number who call for the eviction and murder of the Palestinian people from their lands.

For Irish people, the events in Gaza brings back memories of Bloody Sunday in Derry in 1972 when the heavily-armed British army parachute regiment fired on a peaceful civil rights march, The world protested at the death of 14 men on that day. It should now protest against the death of nearly 60 people in Gaza, one more atrocity on the part of the Israelis against the Palestinian people trying to hold on to their homeland.

The only lasting settlement that will lead to true peace, freedom and equality is the establishment of a viable independent Palestinian state.

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  1. Already try to boycott companies associated with Israel, very easy to forget though and probably, ultimately futile. Unless there is gargantuan pressure put on collective governments worldwide I think what we'll see is the complete destruction of a country/peoples