Defending Memories From Smears

Chris Fogarty continues with his quest for truth regarding 1845-1850 Ireland.

When "Irish famine" promoters could no longer deny that a torrent of food was shipped out of Ireland during its 1845-1850 Holocaust (see attachments for Precedent Usage of "Holocaust" and when Christine Kinealy used to deny that Irish food was exported during the Holocaust.) they had to fabricate a new cover for the perpetrators; thus the brand new lie of "Irish landlords."

My book names a great many of them; English lords with English estates also, all Church of Ireland (Anglicans). The evictor of my grand-uncles and grand-aunts was England-born Lord Ashbrrook (Castle Durrow, Co. Laois) whose current descendant lives on his Arley Hall, Cheshire estate. Also attached are photos of Holocaust mass graves monuments that merit attentive reading.

I am familiar with Strokestown, the old 26,980-acre Pakenham-Mahon estate, having been raised on the nearby old 24,410-acre Lord Mount-Sanford estate. Many of Ireland's English landlords were British army officers. Pakenham was killed leading Britain's January, 1815 attack on New Orleans. A few days earlier another such scion, of English Landlord Ross of Rostrevor, Co. Down, had burned the White House and was shot by a U.S. sniper as he, General Ross, led the attack on Baltimore (witnessed by Poet Francis Scott Key).

Another England-born British soldier of landlord connection was General Sir Edward Blakeney. His Uncle John Blakeney had been England's High Sheriff of Co. Galway. General Blakeney was Commander-in-Chief of the 67 British army regiments deployed to Ireland in 1845-1850 to remove its abundant production of meats, livestock, flour, meal, and all other food crops. (Those 67 regiment were more than half of Britain's 130 regiment army; more force than had conquered the Indian Subcontinent.) As Blakeney neared completion of his Holocaust, in 1849 Queen Victoria conferred on him the Order of the Bath (or Garter). Nearly a decade later she knighted William Wilde, making him Sir William.

Wilde played a key role in Ireland's 1841 Census and was appointed Commissioner of the 1851 Census. His 1851 Census officially "established" that 1845-1850 starvation deaths totaled 21,770. To "explicate" the actual, mass death he cited celestial eclipses of a millennium earlier, and "mysterious visitations" of lethal pandemics to which "the Irish are uniquely susceptible." He fancifully named them "the Barking Mania,' "the King's Cholera." etc.

Thus Victoria knighted Wilde for concealing and minimizing what she had awarded Blakeney for perpetrating. Wilde's honored falsification of the 1851 census has led to the continuing lie of "a million dead, a million fled."

As to the Holocaust-era Irish on the Pakenham-Mahon estate, my book defends their memories from the smears heaped upon them ever since they were murdered or evicted. It does so by 1) exposing the U. of Illinois professor's potato-famine promoting falsification of exhumed artifacts in Ballykilcline, and 2) by naming the locations of all of the grain-kilns and -mills, livestock pounds, and other abundant evidence of non-tuber edibles they produced.

Please help to reduce future genocides by promoting the truth regarding 1845-1850 Ireland. 

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  1. The revisionists in society will always find an alternative lie when they are forced to admit they are wrong , going back quite a few years when I was studying for a history degree one of my lecturers who is to this day lauded by the media as some sort of expert on all things Irish put the genocide down to bad land management , yes this was what he was telling everyone in the lecture theatre . I challenged him on his theory and needless to say I wasn't very popular after that , never completed my degree as it goes.