SF Mary Lou McDonald - Pro Abortion On Demand

Helen McClafferty dismisses Mary Lou McDonald's support for abortion.

Excerpt from March 24, 2018 Irish News interview.
The leader advocates support for the Fine Gael government's legislation that is expected to emerge if a majority votes to repeal the amendment. It is likely to legalise abortion under any circumstances in a period of up to 13 weeks.

(That's a 3 months + 1 week old baby).

Not all Sinn Féin representatives will be happy with the move but Mrs McDonald insists she has a "duty to lead on this". And despite being a practising Catholic, who has raised her three children in the Catholic faith, the Sinn Féin leader says she can reconcile her religious beliefs and her efforts to modernise Ireland's abortion laws "with great ease".

How generous of her.

What Ms. McDonald deliberately fails to acknowledge is that being pro-life is not a question of religion, it's a question of human right's of the unborn child. Ms. McDonald and SF are trying to put a spin on the reasons the 8th should be repealed by making it about religion and in particular about being "Catholic".

How is she any different from those in the British government who proclaimed to the media the 'Troubles' were based on nothing more than a religious divide between Catholics and Protestants?

The 8th Amendment already protects the life of the mother when in danger during pregnancy. However, that's not good enough for Ms. McDonald. She wants abortion on demand and is willing to suspend and/or terminate any of her fellow SF party members who speak out against abortion or dare to vote their conscience.

Regardless of religious affiliation, or none at all, this issue should transcend Sinn Fein's toxic identity politics when it comes to abortion on demand.

Repeal of the 8TH should be recognized for what it is. The taking of an unborn baby's life up to 3 months old, on demand, even if the mother's life is not in any danger. That is total disregard for the child's right to life and is simply just plain murder. 


  1. I hold absolutely no brief for Sinn Fein and never will until they sever all links with the IRA Army Council but I see no contradiction between Mary-Lou MacDonald holding private Catholic beliefs and supporting a woman's right to choose abortion in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy which is the legislative norm in nearly all liberal democracies. Senator Ted Kennedy and many other Catholic politicians had no problem with this apparent conflict. A good legislator never imposes their moral and religious convictions on those who do not share them which may well be the majority of citizens in the Republic of Ireland now.

  2. The Eighth Amendment obviously did not protect the life of Savita when she was pregnant not that of Sheila Hodgers.

  3. ”…and is simply just plain murder.”

    Which raises the obvious question. If the referendum fails and the 8th Amendment of Bunreacht na hÉireann stays in place, do you believe:

    a) That Irish women should be prevented from travelling overseas to procure an abortion, to engage in a “murder”, if the evidence exists to suggest that they intend to do so?

    b) That Irish women who have been prevented from travelling overseas to procure an abortion, to engage in a “murder”, should be charged with a criminal offence?

    c) That Irish women who have travelled overseas to procure an abortion, to engage in a “murder”, should be charged with a criminal offence, presumably murder or accessory to murder, upon their return?

    d) That Irish women who procure and successfully use so-called abortion pills within the jurisdiction should be prosecuted with murder or accessory to murder?

  4. "unborn child"? Which is it? If it is unborn it is not a child. This both ways/double speak is nauseating.
    I also trust women to make decisions.

  5. "The taking of an unborn baby's life up to 3 months old, on demand, even if the mother's life is not in any danger. That is total disregard for the child's right to life and is simply just plain murder".

    It's not, you know.
    Have a look here at historical attitudes towards early terminations.
    Women have always sought to avoid unwanted pregnancies.


    So let's consider it as a medical matter, rather than a "spiritual or religious" principle that may not be shared by every woman.
    A medically supervised procedure is surely better than a back-street, illegal, unskilled botched butchering?

  6. Not much that I would agree with Mary Lou on but on this one she merits defence. The image ansionnachfionn.com's comment conjures up of air and sea ports staffed by priests and nuns with blackthorn sticks and whips, hunting down women seeking to travel abroad for termination is frightening all because we know there are some out there who would believe it the right thing to do.

    As pro-choice I defend wholly Helen's right not to choose an abortion.

  7. same stuff from u guys as usual, still pretending there is no child there. and batty gilhooly is still telling fibs about savita - well what else can he do - tell the truth about that case? - Anthony - thanks for the laugh over the image of priests and nuns running around airports with blackthorn sticks - try as u might u guys are losing in trying to portray this as the church vs women. whilst on the subject of priests, heres one of the high priestesses of abortion in ireland -

    and heres someone with no religion, but that people with no faith and the faithful alike are defending with every fibre of their being.
    on the subject of mlmd - well she is just like her predecessor in making black white and white blood red. they are odious warped pathological lying deceitful bullying skangers. the irish people are going to be exposed to a colossal amount of propaganda over the next two months. literally the entire NGO/charity/government/media complex is going to descend on them now. all parties, presidents, ex presidents, celebrities and writers are singing from the same sheet. but guess what - they are going to get the biggest shock in the month of may because Irish people are NOT going to go down in history, after everything we've been through as a people, to be the first country to vote for the destruction of their children. they're just not going to do it. theyre not going to do that to our little sister in the clip above and they're not going to have the extermination of ALL handicapped children on their consciences. we are waking up. mlmd - u will be a pathetic footnote in history. the irish will not walk into polling booths this may and vote for killing one in five or even one in four of her children. aint gonna happen. and the political landscape will change after it. they will withstand the constant lies propaganda and deceit and will wipe the smirk of the faces of the traitors in sinn fein who have taken the Soros Shilling. ur day is coming, but not in the way u think. uve started a civil war u will lose and u will be shown no mercy. as for the decent people in the movement i knew 20 years ago - WHERE THE FUCK ARE U ALL HIDING AND ARE YOU ALL SCARED OF THE LIKES OF PEE-ARSE DOHERTY, MARTIN FERAL, OH NO BROIN AND GAYLORD ADAMS. pussies the lot of ye, with balls of jelly. and you'll all be donning easter lillies and going to graveyards this weekend and talk shite about 1916 while ur party is campaigning for repeal IN THE MANNER DESCRIBED BY H. MC CLAFFERTY ABOVE. ur a disgrace to the founding fathers u pieces of cowardly dirt. destroyers of innocence, destroyers of the children of the nation. and wheres all the south armagh hardmen in all of this - too busy sucking diesel probably u fuckwits. id rather have a pint with an orangeman this wknd than u toxic thugs.

    heres the truth about abortion u supposedly left wing anti imperialist trendies -ITS BIG BUSINESS, as is THE SPARE PARTS INDUSTRY and it targets the POOR AND DISABLED.



    and then u guys have the nerve to call us anti-choice. we have plenty of choices for women in crisis pregnancies. you have one. an agonising tortuous killing. viva choice eh.

    finally,happy easter.

  8. Grouch

    Irish "republicans" quoting the Daily Fail. What next?!

  9. Grouch

    How would you like it for your body to invaded by an entity that you did not ask to enter it or that you felt could not sustain it on grounds of damage to your health? I think that all males who prescribe how and why a women should sustain a potentially unwanted child should undergo that thought experiment.

  10. and ur point? u have no point batty.

  11. Grouch

    The point is that because males cannot become pregnant (not yet anyway) should disallow dominated civil, ,medical and ecclesiastical authorities from prescribing what women can do with their bodies, especially over pregnancy.

  12. sorry, once again you are ignoring the child, which 50% of the time is a little girl, ergo a womans body, ergo what about her.