Hamilton Tries Duping Glenanne Families

Martin Galvin in a letter in yesterday's Irish News rebukes PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton.

Re: Chief constable's letter to North's politicians Dec. 15th 

A chara,

Fifty Glenanne victims' families, with 'Justice for the Forgotten' and the Pat Finucane Centre, appealed(December 8th) to Constabulary Chief George Hamilton. They asked him to aid their inquiry into crown collusion in the Glenanne Gang murders and stop stonewalling grieving families with frivolous delays. Hamilton wants to make these families wait for the sort of watered down inquiry that the DUP will agree.

Hamilton followed the script used by James Brokenshire and British officialdom to block progress towards nationalist rights, much less national reunification. Feign sympathy, blame divisions, and claim nationalist rights require a DUP permission slip. Crown officials think they can DUPe nationalists.

Hamilton addressed his reply (December 15th) to "elected representatives with responsibility for policing," implying it was their problem not his. He feigned sympathy for "grieving families" and "those who have suffered" while distressing grieving families who suffered at the hands of the Glenanne Gang.

Two years ago, gifted a major platform at the West Belfast Festival, Hamilton boasted, "I'm not going to be fettered by secretaries of state, prime ministers or anyone else". Now he blames being fettered by politicians, judges, Courts, budgets, too few detectives, political vacuums, lack of structures, legal challenges and the inability of political leaders to reach agreement.

The implications of Glenanne Gang collusion are stark. This criminal gang tallied more than 120 murders, like the Dublin-Monaghan Bombings, Miami Showband etc. It included members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary, Ulster Defense Regiment and paid agents, all supporting British rule. Any genuine police service would want to uncover the full scope of the British collusion network needed to commit and get away with so many murders. European Law and Belfast judges say these families have a right to know. Hamilton, like Brokenshire, pretends such rights can be ignored without DUP agreement.

What can the Glenanne families expect from a DUP agreed inquiry? While vetoing inquest funds Arlene Foster said "a lot of innocent victims feel that their voice has not been heard recently and there has been an imbalance in relation to state killings as opposed to paramilitary killings."

Would she agree to any inquiry that might uncover British state forces' complicity in 120 loyalist killings? Does Foster think Glenanne victims innocent or feel since supporters of British rule targeted them, they must be guilty of something?

No matter the issue, British officials think they can feign sympathy, blame divisions, and play their sham DUP veto to trample nationalist rights, like covering up Glenanne Gang collusion.

Can we prove them wrong?


Martin Galvin

Martin Galvin is a US Attorney-At-Law.

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Anthony McIntyre

Former IRA prisoner, spent 18 years in Long Kesh. Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher.

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  1. Did Noraid supply the finance for the Kingsmill massacre?


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