Many Challenges Ahead

Statement From Roe 4, Republican Prisoners in Maghaberry, read to the Saoradh ard fheis by Stephen Murney.

Republican Prisoners, Roe 4, Maghaberry wish to extend our solidarity to Saoradh and to express our respect and admiration for the work which the party has undertaken and the progress it has made over the past year.

Just over a year ago Republican Prisoners wrote a statement to the first Ard Fhéis outlining our hope that this party would develop into an effective Revolutionary vehicle. Needless to say, we have not been disappointed.

Whilst it would be naïve to imagine that Saoradh would have a flawless and impeccable existence it has none the less excelled.

The task which the party has ahead is one of immense difficulty, particularly given the circumstances in which we find ourselves in Ireland today. Yet the party has expanded and grown and has engaged in activism throughout the country.

There can be no doubt that there will be many challenges ahead, there could well be setbacks and there will be those who will seek to exploit such setbacks and use them against the party but undoubtedly the determination and commitment which has come to characterise Saoradh will be pivotal in overcoming such challenges.

However, the characteristics alone will not suffice in the process of ultimately attaining our goals.
Revolutionary vehicles such as ours cannot progress based on enthusiasm alone.

Only through defining our ideological position can we hope to truly achieve our objectives.
Our ideology is our guide to every aspect of our existence without which we will risk falling into the same cul-de-sacs of economic and political immaturity.

Being a non-electoral party does not mean that we must be a non-professional party.

To set about achieving a Socialist Republic we need a definitive ideological position and a definitive Revolutionary strategy. Anything short of this will inevitably result in failure.

Republican Prisoners
Roe 4


  1. If the prisoners, not the party spin doctor, worded that I'll eat my hat.

  2. Increasingly i think more important than electoral parties with manifestos is if Republicans can effectively shape the meta-politics, and provide the frame work and terminology etc that others (including electoral parties) inhabit. It frees us from the bureaucratic distractions of advocating and maintaining a plan for governance. I think this would be more effective at this juncture for Republicans too, as it encourages urgency.