‘Supergrass’ Tactic A Grotesque Violation Of The Right To A Fair Trial

The Thomas Ashe branch of the 1916 Societies slams the use of the supergrass evidence.

The Thomas Ashe Society note with alarm the use of the long-discredited ‘Supergrass’ tactic in the 26-Counties, this being employed by the state as a means to target and imprison Irish republicans without meaningful evidence or due process.

We call on those who have set in place this reactionary policy – which is a fundamental, grotesque violation of the right to a fair trial – to desist at once. We call for all charges against those concerned to be dropped forthwith and for those currently imprisoned on the say-so of a paid agent of the state, Dave Cullen, to be released without further ado.

To those effected by these reprehensible measures, we extend our solidarity and support. We call also at this time on republicans and progressives to join in our opposition to this frightening development, which is a cause of concern for us all as to the future direction our society is set toward.

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  1. It was bad enough the Brits doing this to us. Having the Free State stab republicans in the back is the final straw.