From Charlottesville To Palestine

Anti-Fascist Resistance and the Struggle to Defend Human Rights in #Charlottesville and #OccupiedPalestine // @TheAngryindian Speaks with US Attorney Stanley Cohen

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Summary: The United States is facing a serious, sociopolitical crisis of national identity following the right-wing terrorist killing of anti-fascist/anti-racism activist Ms. Heather Heyer during a neo-Nazi #UniteTheRight event held in Charlottesville, Virginia USA. And the tacit support such organisations are receiving from the Trump administration; the US Justice Department; the Republican Party; police officials and their supporters is sending a message of hate and division across the nation and across the world. 

Stanley Cohen

Even the creator of ‘Argumentum ad Nazium, reductio ad Hitlerum’, or, ‘Godwin’s Law’, writer Mike Godwin, says: ‘It’s OK to call Charlottesville white supremacists Nazis‘ while the US president argues that there are ‘Good People’ amongst the far-right, neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan members that heavily populate his narrow-minded support base and those who wilfully participated in the pro-fascist, domestic terrorist activities that occurred in Charlottesville.

To help dissect this exceedingly complex subject, FWR host @TheAngryindian speaks with North American attorney-at-law Stanley Cohen, a well-known – if not infamous – political figure recognised for his legal work defending many US progressive movements; social justice activists and human rights/anti-colonial causes occurring in North America and Occupied Palestine. Raised in an orthodox Jewish family and shaped by a formal Hebrew education, Mr. Cohen has legally represented members of the Hamas (Gaza Strip); Hezbollah (Lebanon) and Assad (Syria) governments; provided consul to relatives of Osama Bin Laden (Saudi Arabia) and to the American-born sheikh, Abdul Rahman Yasin, said to have engineered the World Trade Center attack of 1993.

Aside from defending notorious world actors, a number of other, lesser-recognised clients closer to home have also used his services, such as the Legal Aid Society; VISTA (volunteer services); the Winnebago, Omaha and Santee Sioux Nations and he has worked alongside prominent, pro-People attorneys such as the (late) William Kunstler and has legally defended a member of the Weather Underground with the (late) Lynne Stewart. As quoted in an article by Jessica Schulberg for the newrepublic, Mr. Cohen calls it an honour to be voted the “world’s number one self-hating Jew”, and on FWR he discusses unpopular subjects such as: the rise of fascism in the United States under the Trump administration; the silence of the Zionist movement regarding racialism and Judeophobia within the Trump White House; Rojava and the question of Kurdish independence and western apathy; American Exceptionalism; Homophobia, Sexism and Feminism within the Arab and Muslim Worlds and how this paradox relates to the US taxpayer-funded state of de facto Apartheid within Israel/Occupied Palestine and the questionable, undue pressure human rights activists in the US and Canada face when addressing Indigenous/First Nations; Afro-American and Native Palestinian issues. This discussion is exceptional for Mr. Cohen’s debunking of false (and racist) allegations suggesting that the US ‘created’ Islamic extremist groups in Western Asia and explains why the American left-wing needs to get its act together.

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