Sinn Fein's Lack Of Leadership 

From the US, Helen McClafferty argues that Sinn Fein shows a lack of leadership.

Just another example of Sinn Fein's lack of leadership. 

When they can't get the job done ... they call on Irish America to handle it for them. 

The GFA was a sell out. It only copper-fastened British rule in NI. It was never meant to be a stepping stone toward the end of partition or the reunification of Ireland. Brexit on the other hand offers the opportunity toward that goal if Irish republicans stand together and work in unison to end partition and reunite Ireland.

For the most part Irish Americans have always stood in support of Ireland's freedom struggle. However, it's really up to the Irish themselves now to reignite the same passion as the men of 1916 and politically take back what rightfully belongs to them ... a united and sovereign 32 and not Sinn Fein's "Agreed Ireland" where the British get to stay.

It's 19 years on from the GFA and northeast Ireland is still under British rule. No more time to waste. The time is now for Irish republicans to come together under one umbrella and end partition once and for all.

The Ancient Order of Hibernians has urged the U.S. State Department to express concern over the lack of progress in implementing the U.S. brokered Good Friday…


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