Battersea Park Closed On Sundays

Matt Treacy writing @ Brocaire Books thinks it is game over: the DUP not only maintain the crown but get to wear it.

Sinn Féin were never in coalition with a party whose many members think that the world was created 4,700 years ago; who would probably join a Hamas throwing gays off the roof event; who closed playgrounds on Sundays; and so on.

Have they forgotten the Chuckle Brothers? The “difficult decisions”? Meeting the Queen?

You would imagine so if you were following their post election hissy fit. Their chuckle friends have now become ultra reactionaries.

And they were not ultra reactionaries in 2007?

Fact is that Shinners entire strategy has been torpedoed. DUP will most likely now either turn its back on Stormont or negotiate a deal with Tories that will make any conceivable Stormont be as favourable to Catholics as it was in 1922.

Game over.


  1. Does Stormont not have to be sitting to administer the 1 billion quid bribe from the Tories though?

  2. Steve R, if Stormont doesn't arise from the ashes like the proverbial Phoenix the extra money will come, but will be managed through Direct Rule.

    I think it was only fair for Sinn Fein to be patient with the DUP. After a decade or more of patience the DUP have demonstrated that Northern Ireland, as a political entity, cannot be reformed. It is a state knee deep in sectarian and bigoted recidivism.

    Over forty years since Stormont originally fell, many Nationalists were hoping, once again, for Direct Rule. Little did they know the DUP would have such an input. It's so absurd that it's almost funny.

  3. I think it is a case of not wearing a crown but the emperor has no clothes on!!!