Why Islamic State Hasn’t Attacked Ireland. Yet.

Matt Treacy writing @ Brocaire Books explains why he thinks the theocratic fascists have not yet attacked Ireland.

There was some consternation when it was revealed that one of the scum who was shot dead after the Jihadist attack in London had an Irish identity card.

“Oh, how did he come to have that,” people wondered. Pretty obvious really. And the reasons for the promiscuous tolerance of these people coming here and being allowed on the most absurd grounds to stay is one of the reasons why IS has not so far committed the sort of atrocities it has in most other western democracies.

Truth be told, Ireland is seen as the soft underbelly of western Europe. Not yet a target; more a place where almost anyone can come and go, claim asylum, acquire citizenship. And where Islamists have a safe home.

Ireland is the base for the Muslim Brotherhood who control the mosque in Clonskeagh. These people support jihadism, the eradication of Jews, the torture and murder of gay people and the sexual mutilation of infant girls. Among other things.

They were in the process of implementing all of this when they were overthrown by a combination of a popular uprising supported by the Egyptian left, and a military coup. Among those arrested was the Clonskeagh Imam’s son.

He is currently the focus of much angst on the Pollyanna left. The default whine seems to be “If his name was Murphy would the Irish government be silent?”  Well firstly if his name was Murphy he would hardly be supporting an Islamist coup. Secondly, the Irish government has paid far too much attention to him. Thirdly, if he was a Kowalski from Warsaw who had gone home to support a fascist coup, he would hardly be leftie poster boy of the month.

Among other reasons the jihadists have thus far left us alone are the use of Irish banks for Islamic State funding. One of those arrested for that was a Moroccan national who was released without charge. At least one of those involved in the London atrocity was Moroccan, including the one holding the Irish identity card. One less, as they say.

In 2015 one of the main financial and logistics organisers for IS in Europe was allowed stay here when he contested a deportation order. His Care Bear defence team argued that it would be beastly to send him home as he might be tortured. Anyway, he won his appeal on the basis that one of his offspring had been born here before the 2004 Citizenship referendum.

So, we remain safe for the time being. Like the Hobbits, until we annoy the dark lords. 


  1. When it does happen everyone will not doubt all act collectively shocked... not awed.

  2. Cynical and xenophobic scaremongering from Matt Treacy. I'd have hoped for better.

    As an Irish citizen Ibrahim Halawa is well entitled to have representation from Government.
    Do you support internment by remand?

  3. They havent attacked Warsaw, Seoul or Tokyo either. Its worth looking into what they have in common with Dublin. I get the reference,but the 'dark' lords bit will give virtue signalers an avoidable angle from which to attack the article without addressing any of its central points.

  4. Clown doesn't know his ass from his elbow. The present Egyptian rulers support ISIS.
    If scooby doo jihadis strike Ireland it will be because Brit intel want to convince neutral Ireland to involve itself in Eurocentric foreign policy I.e sucking the resources out of Middle East regions under the guise of fighting jihadis cos they "hate our way of life" lmfao. Ruling by fooling still works very well..........especially with 'well educated' Irish.

  5. Ireland is also a back door for middle-eastern British passport holders to bring their 2nd, 3rd and 4th families illegally into the UK.


  6. Any truth in the rumour that Islamic State have started their own fashion line of bomber jackets?

    I said something similar the other day to a head on the Sandy Row. That if the Taliban blew up part of Belfast does he think Republican's and Loyalist's think the enemy of my enemy is my friend. He replied ..If the bomb went of in a CNR area of course there would be sympathy and out rage but if the bomb went off in a loyalist area, Muslims would be told to leave..

  7. People focusing on a percieved Muslim threat rather than why an attack may occur in the future are already diverting atention from where responsibility will rest come such an event. It is a case of being fool/tool of the MSM and government.

  8. There is a lot in this blog that just doesn't reflect the facts. It's worrying how xenophobic some people have become.
    For instance, The Muslim Brotherhood were democratically elected in Egypt....El Sisi wasn't initially, that was an example of a military coup, and then was elected with a huge majority, and that was an example of how to rig an election and as highly questionable as his coup! Mugabe holds similar elections. Spain and Italy don't seem to suffer ISIS attacks either...I wonder if this has anything to do with their foreign policy...naw, couldn't be could it?