We Must Keep Going To Concerts

Andrew Copson,  Chief Executive of  Humanists UK, appeals for assistance in the run up to the UK general election.

The tragic events in Manchester last week remind us of a simple truth: that all we have is each other. 

We were deeply moved by the outpouring of support from Mancunians in the wake of this attack, and the sheer humanity and goodwill we saw on the streets of Albert Square in Manchester the following evening.

Every life lost to the bomber's heinous act was a treasure; a story interrupted and never to be finished; a song that will never play its final note. Our trained pastoral carers are on hand to offer support to anyone in the area who is struggling with grief or other feelings following the attack; simply contact info@nrpsn.org.uk

It is absolutely right that politicians should seek to challenge the fundamentalist Islamist ideology which motivated this brutal attack, which much like the ISIS attack on the Bataclan in Paris in 2015 chose to target young people enjoying one of life's most universal joys: listening to music with your friends.

As humanists, we have some responsibility here: to speak clearly and confidently about these issues and to support liberal Muslim and ex-Muslim voices who have joined in the condemnation of Islamist killers. 

As humanists, we also have a duty to think long and hard about what we can do to support lasting change for a better society. And while we cannot pretend that we do not live in a world of uncertainty and cruelty, we also must not give up those precious rights and freedoms which make our lives worth living.

We must keep going to concerts, eating at restaurants, drawing cartoons, championing and debating new ideas, and whatever other simple pleasures give us joy. To do anything less would be to capitulate, utterly and finally, to those hate-filled killers who preach a life without freedom, without justice, without pleasure.

We must continue to strive for a more tolerant, rational, and kind society in the here and now. On this front, we have created an election hub to help inform voters about how the current political parties stand on humanist issues. We are also asking for your help collect data on prospective parliamentary candidates across the UK, so that whatever happens on 8 June, we are in the best possible position to continue promoting free thinking and freedom of choice, so that everyone can live in a fair and equal society. 

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Copson

Chief Executive
Humanists UK

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  1. "We must keep going to concerts, eating at restaurants, drawing cartoons, championing and debating new ideas,"

    I never stopped. During the mid to late 80's when Belfast was bombed, shooting happened on daily basis I was going into the city center, going to bars and concerts. I went to Plaza, Delta, Bailey bar, BTC and a host of other places and so did loads of others I know. Didn't stop me having a good time.

    Today my kids go all over Paris with their friends and do what teenagers do.. Go to concerts, events and live life.

    If someone is going to walk up and shoot you in the back or front or press a button on a belt, there is fcuk all you can do about it. So there no point in worrying about it..