Take It Down From The Mast ...

Sean Mallory reflects on the political world around him.

To avoid the calamitous campaign of the local Stormont elections which fed the crocodiles of Nationalism and put yeast in their political diet, Foster and her specious DUP, appeared to defrock themselves of their staunch siege mentality baggage and have embarked on a campaign of ingratiating themselves towards Nationalists.

To undo her public and bona fide image of bigotry and racism they now presented her feminine and nurturing side and her apparent new found flexibility in willing to compromise and to listen, even to those they publicly previously declared their unequivocal distaste for.

She presented herself as the de facto ‘Queen of the Hill’ in adopting the actions of her de jure British Queen Elizabeth. Her much rehearsed ‘Go Raibh Maith Agat’ moment - adapted from Elizabeth's attempt at endearment to the Irish with ‘A Chairde', is a phrase more commonly associated with the letters section in local papers remonstrating about Elizabeth's governments actions. While meeting various gaeilgeoirí, Foster, initially hailed by her party faithful and their faithful press, undid all their fictitious work with a ‘blonde’ moment! Sammy Wilson, in support of his Madam, made the remark that he too found it distasteful at having to set eyes on Ms O’Neill.

Unfortunately for Foster and her ISIS like followers, their campaign was never ever likely to succeed as the Croppy had long since removed the cataracts of Unionist deceit.

Another unionist leader, now defunct, Mike Nesbitt, found himself inebriated. He spent the end of an evening lying prostrate on the lobby floor of Stormont Hotel - not the Stormont assembly - where some would have wished they could have placed him for some of his past remarks and comments. Mike found himself caught up in a parody of speculation when he initially refused to explain the incident.

Later under pressure from ‘norn irons’ paparazzi (all two of them), Nesbitt explained away his recumbent moment as a bit of banter with a West Belfast Granny.

She, having never witnessed the insatiable appetite of the ‘norn iron’ paparazzi before, confirmed Nesbitt's version, and complained bitterly of their actions causing her undue stress and directly inhibiting her in attending her great-granddaughter's First Communion. A compensation claim of sorts in the making!

Speaking of pushing and shoving: Barra McGrory, Director of Public Prosecutions for Northern Ireland and the first from a Nationalist background to hold such a post, is to involuntary to step down from the post around September. Pressure from the DUP's Jeffrey Donaldson and his compatriots over the DPP's imaginable and ill-conceived biased pursuance of British Military personnel in investigating potential murders would seem to have been the catalyst for Barra's reluctant resignation.

On the positive side, it frees Barra from any constraints of taking up his old post of representing the aptly named ‘Percy Pompous’ who is to step down as head of Sinn Féin in the autumn (which autumn is anyone's guess). Barra, inundated with cases when holding the post of DPP, will find that his previous workload will seem somewhat less burdensome when Percy steps down and the protection of being SF leader is removed opening up the door to potentially numerous civil cases concerning Percy's non-existent PIRA past.

Like Percy Pompous, although certainly not as protracted, Enda Kenny eventually steps down from leader of Fine Gael leaving the leadership contest open to Leo Varadkar and Simon Coveney. A leadership battle that will lead to an autumnal general election and the likelihood of Percy Pompous’ replacement Mary Lou being in government.

Kenny remembered for very little other than that often repeated spurious claim of leading the country from economic ruin to success while at the helm of government.

Of course, a spurious success underpinned by his lack of any long-term economic understanding and grossly tainted by his simplistic approach to the national debt incurred by serious mismanagement of the bankers with ‘I have a cunning plan’, when he informed the people that they would cop the bill.

For initially appearing to stand firm against the Vatican but more plausibly fawning opposition while realistically genuflecting.

And more so for screwing the people even more with the introduction of water charges and unprecedented homelessness.

And lastly

To emphasise cultural respect, mutual understanding, parity of esteem, and to show how far we’ve actually travelled, not alone but together, over the last 20 years, the Tricolour, along with the British Union Jack and other national flags flew over the Waterworks of North Belfast, unhindered by the locals, while an international fishing exhibition took place.

No reciprocation of mutual understanding was on offer over the weekend of the North West though. The Tricolour, on display with multiple other national flags, was constantly removed (3 times) by racist bigots at the North West 200 and no doubt will re-appear on 11th night bonfires.

Mervyn White, the director of the North West, who was ‘annoyed’ said he would lay on extra security next year and ensure the flag stays up and would be going up no matter what. Mervyn described those who perpetrated the act as vandals. Shortly afterwards he hinted at retiring.

Bodes well for the Irish Open in Portstewart!

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