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Six Weeks Of Misty-Eyed Biopics

Writing shortly after the Theresa May decision to announce a snap general election Mick Hall @ Organized Rage predicted that:

From the mainstream media we can expect 6 weeks of misty-eyed May biopics and fawning promos based on Number 10 briefings.

The British media used this photo to imply May was walking in Wales over Easter when she had her Damascene conversion to hold a snap election, in fact the photo was taken in Switzerland in 2007.

What has already become clear, and we are only in the first week of the general election campaign, the whole of the British mainstream media is supporting Theresa May. From the Sun and the rest of the crime families stable, to the BBC and Sky News, they're all singing from the Tory Party song sheet.

As Craig Murray wrote we've had BBC 2's Newsnight’s misty-eyed May biopic worthy of Netflix's 'The Crown,' and in Saturday's issue of the Guardian we have an astonishingly fawning promo based on a Number 10 briefing, telling the entirely untrue story of how the decision to call an election came to May during an idyllic walk in the Welsh hills.

I doubt any of these hacks bothered to check her whereabouts when she was supposed to be having her Damascene conversion to hold an election in June. What can you say about such cretins when they are first in line to condemn so called fake news?

Not once has she been firmly challenged as to why she told the electorate there would be no snap election over and again, eleven times in all. Nor what her real motives were for calling an election now.

I have often repeated the English middle classes never fail to disappoint. But we now have the Guardian editorial floor trying to justify their move to the far right by claiming May has called the snap election so she can outgun her pro Brexit MP's if she is returned with a large majority which will enable her to negotiate a soft Brexit which will keep the UK in the single market.

They provide not an ounce of evidence to back up what is by any standards a pretty ridiculous claim, to use a popular term amongst the ruling elites its totally fake news.

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Anthony McIntyre

Free Speech advocate, writer, historian, humanist, and researcher

2 comments to ''Six Weeks Of Misty-Eyed Biopics"

  1. some views on why PM May called the election and why she might be throwing it

  2. It is becoming more difficult by the day to suffer mainstream media reporting. Just when it seems Corbyn and Labour honesty and consistency was resonating with the electorate in the polls and Tory Party evil on full display with the dementia tax..... 'pop' goes Manchester. If I hadn't lived through thirty years of a dirty filthy little war in N. Ireland I would suggest you couldn't make it up. But I know better than that. Could Manchester be May's Falklands?


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