Died Mostly Of Malnutrition-Induced Diseases

Chris Fogarty thanks TPQ for carrying his views on the mass grave at the Dungannon Workhouse grounds.

Congratulations to The Pensive Quill for reporting what all contacted newspapers concealed; the ongoing desecration of the 1845-1850 Holocaust mass grave in the Dungannon Workhouse grounds.

After weeks of evasion and stonewalling by all regional newspapers, the May 16 edition of the Tyrone Times, alone, citing The Pensive Quill, finally reported what cannot be denied. It headlined; "Mass grave at Dungannon workhouse remains unmarked." Sad to say, its sub-headline reported

Despite the knowledge that hundreds (sic) are buried in a mass grave in Dungannon the plot has never been marked out.

Unless the Dungannon workhouse deaths were inconsistent with Ireland's other workhouses, the mass graves in deep pits in its grounds contain not hundreds, but the remains of thousands of innocents. They died mostly of malnutrition-induced diseases while Irish-produced agricultural abundance was removed at gunpoint by British soldiers to the ports for export.

The genocide required more than hall of Britain's army; 67 regiments of its total of 130.

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  1. Great work throughout Chris and fair dues to the Pensive Quill for putting this all on the public record.