Buried In Cartloads

Chris Fogarty hits out at those he believes are concealing the truth about mass graves.

I hope that the Concealers have not managed to intimidate people. 

You might know that RTE Radio 1 Host Joe Duffy interviewed me on air; hostilely, on May 10th. Duffy obviously had an agenda other than honest. He had local "historians" on, claiming to not know that Smarmore was where the overflow from the Ardee workhouse grounds were buried in cartloads; and that it was all some kind of sinister mystery. Duffy phoned me thrice, and had set up the interview in advance, so he could have resolved the Smarmore monument "mystery" in advance by putting those local "historians" in touch with me.

Had he done so the "historians" would have learned that the people of Ardee have always known about the Ardee Union Board of Guardians' use of Smarmore cemetery during the Holocaust of 1845-1850. The Mooneys of Bridge Street, Ardee, were among those who would pay their respects by visiting Smarmore's "famine" grave. Raymond Mooney (1920-July 2, 2002) ex-Louth footballer, son of Ardee shop and and pub-owner Ian Mooney, used to take people to visit Smarmore. Raymond's sister Bridget married Malachy Towey. The Mooneys also brought Towey to pay his respects to Smarmore. Last night Towey assured me that he and his Ardee in-laws and everyone he knew in Ardee would appreciate that new monument. Even those who want to keep the Holocaust concealed had to admit the quality of the Smarmore monument. 

If those "historians" don't know of Lord Clarendon's infamous statement: "But for the onerous duty of escorting of provisions (foodstuff) the army in Ireland would have little to do", and don't know which British regiments were deployed to the Smarmore district, and aren't able to find out for themselves at Britain's National Archives in Kew, Surrey, I can send them photos of pages of my book; also of those pages' sources which are the original 1845-1850 Disposition of the Army records copies of which are in my possession. 

They cannot harm me; but I'm pretty sure that the motive of Duffy et al. was to intimidate monument makers from taking more such work. Their goal is to conceal that genocide and its mass graves. Very strange people. Why do they abet genocide? 

They have failed to intimidate me, and I hope that they failed against the monument makers.


  1. I still don't get it, why would 'they' hide anything now?

  2. Steve R,
    Agree, seems odd but may be they don't want the past to embarrass their new friendships with the British Royals.....talking about the British Royals, isn't it odd how many visits they've paid to Ireland in the last few years....very odd that...haven't visited Scotland as much have they?

  3. how many were buried and is there a monumnet on the workhouse grounds?.
    In addition is there a link to the regiment details?.