Today's Journalists ... Or Are They?

Pat Greene from Direct Democracy Ireland hits out at the media and Citizens' Assembly.

The vacuum left when "main stream media" ignore and actively attack any views that oppose the powerful or question the journalists own beliefs will be filled by reports in the realm known as the "alternative" media.

The film crew from the recent RTE programmes on the housing crisis followed supporters of the National Land League of Ireland and a number of people who are defending their homes from the banks as lay litigants: ordinary people with no legal background and basic education, successfully holding the line against the banks' well paid barristers and their legal teams.

This is the story of David v Goliath, with people who may not have the petrol money to get to the court holding onto their home against the odds. These people picked up the courage to go on TV and bare their soul only to be told two hours before airing that their entire contribution was pulled, insulting their humanity destroying further any trust in the system. This scenario repeats itself all to often, leading to the alienation of the people by the government run RTE.

Assassinating the character of the people who stand in the courts day after day, without charge, defending families homes, while at the same time failing to question the highly paid legal profession's part in the sacking of our country by vulture funds! With RTE and the rest of MSM questioning the results of NAMA after the contracts have been signed, not before the contracts were signed,  leads to alternative media and social media picking up the pieces and defending the people with support and knowledge: the knowledge that MSM refuse to disseminate.

So what were the MSM doing during this window of opportunity before the signing of the NAMA and pillar bank sell off of our homes?

The MSM were busy destroying those who were warning of the unfolding catastrophic effects of corruption. They were defending the political class and pandering to foreign entities while blocking any dissenting voices from access to their news papers, radios stations and TV stations. Arrogance and ignorance with a large dose of laziness, blinding them from the reality of this politically contrived assault on our society. Sadly there seems to be no end in sight to the levels of dysfunction todays journalists will fall to.

But If they want to, they can repair the damage!

A good start would be to highlight and repair the damage done to the characters of the Davids of this world who champion and fight side by side in the corner of the under dogs against the colossus that is the government backed corner of the banks.

I live in hope of a new era a new Ireland governed with Direct Democracy ... This hope will not die before me ... for hope dies last.

When 100 people in an "assembly" can decide for 4,000,000 people, I sometimes despair at ever having a democracy in this country. I believed that the Dáil was the Citizens' Assembly where our representatives represented our wishes. Yet not one journalist questioned this time bomb placed under our democracy. And as bad as our representative democracy is we need to hold on to what is left. All of the MSM accepted this time bomb without question and propagated this acceptance among the populous.

Journalism can redeem itself ... if it wants to. But will our new Citizens' Assembly-led "democracy" allow it time to do so?  I fear not.

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