Britain Should Leave Ireland As It Exits EU

From the 1916 Societies the Thomas Ashe Society has called for the United Kingdom to withdraw from Ireland on the same day it exits the European Union.

Speaking yesterday in Omagh, cumann chair Sean Bresnahan has said the triggering of Article 50, formally beginning the process of the UK leaving the EU, has ‘put the issue of Partition back on the political agenda’, speeding a ‘renewed imperative for Irish Unity’ as the developing situation unfolds.

He spoke of a partitioned Ireland post-Brexit as facing ‘massive economic difficulties’ and described ‘a British exit not just from Europe but Ireland’ as ‘best option under the circumstances’. ‘Britain should state her intention to leave Ireland on the same day she exits Europe’ he continued, suggesting that a ‘national dialogue on the mechanics of unity should then proceed in the interim, its eventual outcome to be put to the public by national referendum’. ‘Irish sovereignty must be at the bedrock of such discussion’, he stressed.

Going on to address calls for a Border Poll, he described a vote as that imagined as ‘not sufficient in light of the circumstances’, that such a consideration, certain to impact on all of Ireland, was ‘surely a matter for all of her people and not a cohort within their number’. He described an all-Ireland referendum, ‘national in scope and with all votes counted together, without regard or preference given some over others’, as the ‘only fair way to proceed if democracy is actually to mean anything’.

Concluding, he called on the Irish people to ‘grasp the opportunity Brexit affords to plan for and bring about a new Ireland – an Ireland as that envisaged by the Proclamation: an Ireland both sovereign and free’. ‘We must press ahead with renewed purpose’, he said, pressing again that Brexit, with its ‘disastrous implications for our country’, demands that we ‘come together as a people and a nation to set out a clear path towards independence’.


  1. It is doing no harm Sean, keep it up.

  2. How many was at that meeting and no exaggerating now!